Week 9 NFL Predictions; Start of the NBA season

Back for another round of predictions is Randall Thomas; and you all know Delonte Wooten. You know the drill BrooksWeekly faithfuls, read ’em and weep.

Game Pick’s

Chiefs vs Chargers Brooks Thomas Wooten
Broncos vs Bengals Broncos Broncos Chargers
Ravens vs Browns Ravens Ravens Broncos
Cardinals vs Packers Packers Packers Packers
Bears vs Titans Bears Bears Bears
Dolphins vs Colts Colts Colts Colts
Panthers vs Redskins Panthers Redskins Redskins
Lions vs Jaguars Lions Lions Lions
Bills vs Texans Texans Texans Texans
Buccaneers vs Raiders Buccaneers Raiders Buccaneers
Vikings vs Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Vikings
Steelers vs Giants Giants Giants Giants
Cowboys vs Falcons Falcons Cowboys Falcons
Eagles vs Saints Saints Eagles Saints

He’s back 

Denver Broncos (4-3)  at Cincinnati Bengals (3-4)

My preseason pick of Peyton Manning as the league MVP looks to be coming to fruition. Manning has thrown 14 TD passes in the last 5 games, in which 4 out of 5 he has thrown 3 TDS. He has also thrown for 300 plus yards in that span of games. Manning can tie the record set by Hall of Famer Steve Young, who posted five straight games of 300 yards and 3 TDs for San Francisco during the 1998 season.

Underrated Games

Miami Dolphins (4-3) at Indianapolis Colts (4-3) 

As dazzling as RGIII is, the number 1 overall pick has led his team to a 4-3 record (Redskins are 3-5). Thanks to Andrew Luck, the Colts are the 9th best passing team in the NFL. Barring any catastrophic meltdown, Luck will win the honors of offensive rookie of the year.

Are the Dolphins for real? After their BYE week, they dismantled the New York Jets cruising to a 30-9 victory. They are on a 3 game winning streak and 2nd in the AFC East behind the division leading Patriots.

PrimeTime Matchups

Pittsburgh Steelers (4-3) at New York Giants (6-2)

Eli Manning and “Big Ben” Roethlisberger will be forever linked as both are multiple Super Bowl winners who were selected in the 2004 draft. (Manning went number 1 overall and Roethlisberger went 11th)

Pittsburgh’s posses the NFL’s top passing defense allowing 182.6 yards per game. Manning will struggle, but like Roethlisberger, he has an uncanny ability to exceed late in games. (24 4th quarter comebacks in his career)

Thomas Thought’s 

Bills (3-4) at Texans (6-1)
I don’t think this will be as close as other people might.  The Texans’ defense has been lights out, and will get after Fitz-magic.
Texans by 17
Steelers (4-3) at Giants (6-2)
The Steelers record is not indicative of how good this team can be, especially on the offensive side of the ball.  Big Ben is playing lights out, his receivers are catching balls, and the run game is, for lack of a better description, doing its best.  The Giants D-Line is in great shape and in playoff form, and we all know what Eli is doing (for those who don’t: 184-294, 2300 yds, 12 tds).  This one is close.
Giants by 6
Cowboys (3-4) at Falcons (7-0)
People are going to think I’m crazy for picking against the Falcons two weeks straight.  Others who know my sports history will rag on me for picking THE COWBOYS!
Despite the early struggles and late collapse in last week, Tony Romo had career highs passing, and the defense stepped up mightily.  Rob Ryan will throw everything at Matt Ryan, and we’ll find out how cold he is.  The Cowboys have the secondary to match up with these Atlanta receivers.  It’ll be close, but Big D breaks through in an important conference game.
Cowboys by 4
Words from Wooten
Kansas City (1-6) at San Diego (3-4)

For the record, this is definitely a hot seat game for Norv Turner. If he doesn’t win this one, we can see Him Charging out of San Diego.

Buffalo Bills (3-4) at Houston Texans (6-1)

If Houston beats the Ravens the way they did, then we can only imagine what’s going to happen. Look forward to a blowout in this one.

Pittsburgh Steelers (4-3) at New York (6-2)

This one will be good. The only problem is that Polamalus & Co. is still injured Eli may pull down the steel-curtains.

Brooks Bits

In the midst of the NFL season, the NBA has returned.

*The defending champions started off their title defense with a bang, defeating the Boston Celtics in a competitive 120-107 victory. Newcomers Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis combined for 29 points.

*Lakers fans, settle down. On a scale from 1-10, your panic level should be at a -2. When the Heat formed their alliance of super friends, they were winning on talent alone with little chemistry and they still reached the Finals. With 80 games left on their schedule, this team should easily win 50+ games

*It made total sense for the Oklahoma City Thunder to choose Serge Ibaka over James Harden. For one, scorers are easily plugged into a line-up, and two, in the small market of Oklahoma City, they could not afford 3 max contracts. But after signing a 5-year 80 million dollar deal with the Houston Rockets, in the words of my colleague and BrooksWeekly writer Justin Long, “James Harden just got breaded up like fried shrimp.” In his Houston debut, Harden finished with 37 points, 12 assist and 4 rebounds.

Rookie Surprise

*The “brow-ed bomber” and number 1 overall pick, Anthony Davis, debut stat-line was 21 points 7 rebounds and 1 block. Portland’s number 6 overall pick out of Weber Sate, Damian Lillard finished with 23 points, 11 assist and 3 rebounds. The more coveted rookie such as Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards and finished with 8 and 3 points respectively.

Kudos to the NBA

*Because of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the league postponed the opener between the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks. It would have been a great sight to see these neighborhing franchises square off, but traveling through the effects of Sandy wasn’t worth the trouble.


Thanks for reading.

-Kelton Brooks

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