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The week 17 win-and-you're-in between the Eagles and Cowboys lost a chunk of its luster with Dallas' QB Tony Romo out for the season, but it still bodes for an exciting matchup.

The week 17 win-and-you’re-in between the Eagles and Cowboys lost a chunk of its luster with Dallas’ QB Tony Romo out for the season, but it still bodes for an exciting matchup.

Simply put, but boldly stated. Week 17 will be a dramatic week to remember. The winner between Chicago and Green Bay will decide the NFC North champ, the Cardinals can missed the playoffs with an 11-5 record because the Saints own the tie break over Arizona based on head-to-head win percentage, and for the third year in the row, the Cowboys playoff chances come down to the last game of the season.

Week 16 Predictions Results

Brooks: 10-6; Overall: 143-96

Perez: 10-6; Overall: 136-91

Wooten: 10-6; Overall: 130-107

Game Picks

Week 17 Game Picks Brooks Perez Wooten
Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons CAR(W) CAR)W)  CAR(W)
Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals CIN(W) CIN(W)  CIN(W)
Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans HOU(L) HOU(L)  TEN(W)
Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts IND(W) IND(W)  IND(W)
NY Jets @ Miami Dolphins NYJ(W) MIA(L)  MIA(L)
Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings DET(L) DET(L)  DET(L)
Washington @ NY Giants NYG(W) NYG(W)  WAS(W)
Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers PIT(W) PIT(W)  PIT(W)
Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears GB(W) GB(W)  GB(W)
Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders DEN(W) DEN(W)  DEN(W)
Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots NE(W) NE(W)  NE(W)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints NO(W) NO(W)  NO(W)
San Francisco 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals SF(W) SF(W)  SF(W)
Kansas City Chiefs @ San Diego Chargers SD(W) SD(W)  KC(L)
St. Louis Rams @ Seattle Seahawks SEA(W) SEA(W)  SEA(W)
Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys PHI(W) DAL(L)  PHI(W)

Brooks’ Bits

Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals

After winning four games in a row, with three of their last four wins  decided by a combined seven points, the Ravens 41-7 shellacking by the Patriots put a halt to the Ravens’ fluke-o winning streak.

This NFC North showdown will be the typical black and blue slugfest, or should I say black, blue and orange slugfest? The Bengals won the first matchup in an overtime victory in Baltimore. Both Andy Dalton and Joe Flacco had lackluster performances throwing a combined five interceptions, and both were sacked five times apiece.

Baltimore is currently in a three way tie in the Wild Card with San Diego and Miami who are all 8-7. Miami currently owns the tie-breaker between San Diego and Baltimore based on best win percentage in conference games.

The Ravens need this win, but the defending Super Bowl Champions will miss the playoffs.

Eddie P’s Philosophical Take

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears

Chicago will be a tough to beat at home. They boast a 5-2 record when playing at Soldier Field this year. Bottling up Chicago’s top two receivers will be damn near impossible as well. Alshon Jeffrey leads the team in yards with 1,341 yards, along with seven touchdowns. Veteran Brandon Marshall brings in another 1,221 yards to go with his team leading 11 TDs.

Aaron Rodgers is back for the Packers. That’s huge for a team that has struggled at times with Matt Flynn running the offense. Even with outside linebacker Clay Matthews out on defense, I see Aaron coming back with a vengeance in the windy city.

Kansas City Chiefs @ San Diego Chargers 

This is one of the many games that can determine an entry into the playoffs or staying at home. The only they San Diego can do is win and hope the other cards fall into their hands.

Kansas City already has a playoff berth clinched. At 11-4, the Chiefs have the fifth-seed in the AFC. There is a chance, that Andy Reid rests some of his starting and key players, saving them for the playoffs. This can mean no, or a limited, Jamal Charles. It can also mean a defense without Tamba Hali or Justin Houston.

The Chargers having more on the line and absolutely need to win this game. Philip Rivers is an explosive QB and rookie Keenan Allen is a stud at receiver.

Words From Wooten

San Francisco 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals

As we look back on the season, who would’ve thought that Arizona would be this good. To be honest, I heard almost nothing about them until they beat Seattle last week. Other than that, they pretty much fell off of the face of the earth.
This is a win or go home for Arizona though. Unfortunately, this won’t end well for Arizona. They can say goodbye to their playoffs hopes because San Francisco is coming in and killing all hope.

 Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys

This has been on TV all week. We all want to know exactly what will happen here. Tony Romo is done for the season. Sean Lee isn’t playing as well. DeMarcus Ware is banged up. This isn’t looking too good for Dallas. For Philadelphia, it is looking right. Everyone is healthy and Nick Foles is playing at such a high level to where we all forgot about Michael Vick and his sub par performance. All in all, “America’s Team” will be sitting at home as they watch from the couch.

Jamaal Charles has been on a tear as of late. Could Charles leapfrog Peyton Manning as the MVP favorite?

Jamaal Charles has been on a tear as of late. Could Charles leapfrog Peyton Manning as the MVP favorite?

With only one week away from the final week of the regular season, here are the current leaders of each division:

AFC North: Cincinnati Bengals ( 9-5), South: Indianapolis Colts (9-5), East: New England Patriots (10-4), and the West: Denver Broncos: (11-3). NFC North: Chicago Bears (8-6), South: New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panther are tied at (10-4), East: Philadelphia Eagles: (8-6), and West: Seattle Seahawks (12-4).

With two divisional leaders facing off this week (NO @ CAR and CHI @ PHI), and a slew of divisional matchups that will cause for more drama headed into week 17, this week will be a roller coaster ride for league and for fans.

Week 15 Predictions Results

Brooks: 10-6; Overall: 133-90

Perez: 9-7; Overall: 126-85

Wooten: 7-9; Overall: 120-101

Game Picks

Week 16 Game Picks Brooks Perez  Wooten
Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills MIA(L)  MIA(L)  MIA(L)
Minnesota Vikings @ Cincinnati Bengals CIN(W)  CIN(W)  CIN(W)
Indianapolis Colts @ Kansas City Chiefs KC(L)  KC(L)  KC(L)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ St. Louis Rams STL(W)  STL(W)  STL(W)
Cleveland Browns @ NY Jets CLE(L)  NYJ(W)  NYJ(W)
Dallas Cowboys @ Washington DAL(W)  DAL(W)  DAL(W)
New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers CAR(W)  NO(L)  NO(L)
Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars TEN(W)  TEN(W)  TEN(W)
Denver Broncos @ Houston Texans DEN(W)  DEN(W)  DEN(W)
NY Giants @ Detroit Lions DET(L)  DET(L)  DET(L)
Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks SEA(L)  SEA(L)  SEA(L)
Pittsburgh Steelers @ Green Bay Packers PIT(W)  PIT(W)  PIT(W)
Oakland Raiders @ San Diego Chargers SD(W)  SD(W) SD(W)
New England Patriots @ Baltimore Ravens BAL(L)  NE(W)  NE(W)
Chicago Bears @ Philadelphia Eagles PHI(W)  CHI(L)  CHI(L)
Atlanta Falcons @ San Francisco 49ers SF(W)  SF(W)  SF(W)

Brooks Bits’

Indianapolis Colts  @ Kansas City Chiefs

The Colts haven’t had a 3-plus game winning streak since defeating the 49ers, Jaguars and the Seahwaks in weeks 3 through 5. During that span, they were considered one of the league’s best. Now, the Colts are Jekyll and Hyde, alternating wins since week 9.

But after a 25-3 win over a Texans team that’s destined for the no. 1 pick in the 2014 NFL draft, Indianapolis will once flip-flop wins and losses. The Colts have developed a nasty habit of playing to the competition level of the opponent, but after embarrassing losses to formidable teams like Cincinnati and Arizona, not to mention the beat down they took from St. Louis, the Colts have  slim chance of winning at Arrowhead Stadium.

Led by MVP candidate Jamaal Charles, who is second in the league in yards per scrimmage (1,836), fourth in rushing yards (1,181),  and first in rushing touchdowns (11), the Chiefs would be tied for the no. 1 seed in the playoffs if the were not in the same division as Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

The Colts have averaged 14 points in its last four losses., and that’s all they might get against the Chiefs defense.

New England Patriots @ Baltimore Ravens

How fitting, a rematch of the AFC Championship game.

The Raves are winners of four straight after previously losing four of its last five games. The six field goal victory over the Lions Monday night wasn’t the least bit impressive, but the Ravens have a knack at figuring out the Patriots. The Ravens are on some sort of a fluke run that mirrors last season. The three wild wins in a row, first the Steelers, Mike Tomlin stepping on the field of play, the snow game against the Vikings, and Justin Tucker kicking a booming 61-yard field goal to beat the Lions.

I’m not saying Baltimore will take this run to the Super Bowl, but this run has that fluke feel.

The Patriots may have Kenbrell Thompkins and Aaron Dobson, which is a bright spot, but they won’t help the defense. New England has the 31st run defense, the perfect recipe for Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce who have been struggling to get the ground game going averaging a pitiful 82.9 ypg (29th).

Eddie P’s Philosophical Take

Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks

Some people might not see it the same way, but this game will be a pretty good one. Seattle has one of the league’s best defense and a potent offense. Arizona boasts a top ten defensive unit as well, in addition to an offense with dangerous receivers.

The Cardinals might be without superstar receiver Larry Fitzgerald who is dealing with a concussion. Seattle will be without two of their top three cornerbacks. Walter Thurmond is serving a four-game suspension and starter Brandon Browner is suspended indefinitely (a messy topic on its own). Seattle will most likely be without Percy Harvin as well.

Despite missing several key players, Seattle still poses more of a threat. Arizona is good, but not Seattle good.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Green Bay Packers

The Pittsburgh Steelers are coming off a victory over divisional foe, the Cincinnati Bengal. Green Bay is coming off a close win, squeaking pass the Dallas Cowboys by one point.

Matt Flynn played good last week, throwing four touchdowns. Running back Eddie Lacy had a huge day as well, racking up 141 yards on the ground.

On the flip side, Pittsburgh’s defense stood up well against a good offense last week, only allowing 57 yards on the ground and 230 through the air.

Words From Wooten

New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers

Looks like we have us a rematch of a not so stellar game from a few weeks ago. I’m talking about Carolina, of course. Drew Brees is looking very good at this point in the season. The offense possesses a chemistry that almost no team had last season. Look for Brees to air it out against Carolina again.

For Carolina, they need to find a way to get to Brees. If they can’t then they can expect the same results from a few weeks ago. For them to have a top 5 defense, Drew Brees made it look like a bottom 5. All in all, Drew Brees is going in to Carolina hoping to win and he’s leaving Carolina with a win.

Denver Broncos @ Houston Texans

I feel so bad for Houston at this point of the season. JJ Watt isn’t playing on the same level as he did last season. I feel like no one is except for Andre Johnson. In fact, many of the major pieces they had last season are injured or their stinking up the place, like Matt Schaub. And speaking of Schaub, his days may be numbered in Houston now.

With a loss to Denver and a Washington win(which may happen if you know how the Cowboys operate) then they will secure Teddy Bridgewater… excuse me, I mean the number one pick in the 2014 draft. Denver is coming in Houston with no a worries at all. They’re playing Houston of all teams. I feel like they’re the new Jacksonville Jaguars now. Or at least for this season.

Dallas Cowboys @ Washington

One of the best rivalries in sports history go head-to-head again. On one side, we have a quarterback who can’t get the job done. And on the other side, we have a young quarterback who is hoping to get the job done.

When it boils down, I feel like this one is going to Dallas. Washington just isn’t looking good this season. Last season, they won the NFC East, for whatever that is worth, and now they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel with their beloved top-5 in the 2014 draft pick going to St. Louis. The only way they can build is through free agency and no one knows what that will look like this season. In the end, look forward to Tony Romo throwing a few TD’s and possibly a few picks as well, knowing Romo.

The tumultuous saga in Washington continues with shutting down Robert Griffin III for the rest of the season.

The tumultuous saga in Washington continues with shutting down Robert Griffin III for the rest of the season.

The debacle in Washington is spiraling out of control. Does the organization not see the negative message they are sending through the locker room? Yes, the season is a waste, a lost, and a major disappointment for a team who had Super Bowl aspirations after winning the division in Griffin’s first year, but shutting him down for the rest of the season? No.

If it’s because he is still injured, then why let him play up until week 14? By shutting him down for the remainder of the season, is Washington saying a team with a losing record shouldn’t start its starting quarterback?

Or by showcasing Kirk Cousins for the last three games will entice teams to trade for him to regain draft picks they sent to the St. Louis Rams?

Whatever the cause may be, this is the end for the Mike Shanahan era in Washington, and the offensive coordinator, his son, Kyle Shanahan.

But I digress, let’s check out this week’s game picks.

Week 14 Prediction Results

Brooks: 8-8; Overall: 123-84

Perez: 12-4; Overall: 117-78

Wooten: 9-7; Overall: 113-92 

Game Picks
Week 15 Game Picks  Brooks Perez Wooten
San Diego Chargers @ Denver Broncos DEN(L) DEN(L) DEN(L)
Washington @ Atlanta Falcons ATL(W) ATL(W) WAS(L)
Chicago Bears @ Cleveland Browns CHI(W) CHI(W) CHI(W)
Houston Texans @ Indianapolis Colts IND(W) IND(W) IND(W)
New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins MIA(W) NE(L) NE(L)
Philadelphia Eagles @ Minnesota Vikings PHI(L) PHI(L) PHI(L)
Seattle Seahawks @ New York Giants SEA(W) SEA(W) SEA(W)
San Francisco 49ers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers SF(W) SF(W) SF(W)
Buffalo Bills @ Jacksonville Jaguars JAX(L) BUF(W) JAX(L)
Kansas City Chiefs @ Oakland Raiders KC(W) KC(W) KC(W)
New York Jets @ Carolina Panthers CAR(W) CAR(W) CAR(W)
Green Bay Packers @ Dallas Cowboys GB(W) DAL(L) DAL(L)
Arizona Cardinals @ Tennessee Titans AZ(W) AZ(W) AZ(W)
New Orleans Saints @ St. Louis Rams NO(L) NO(L) NO(L)
Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh Steelers CIN(L) CIN(L) CIN(L)
Baltimore Ravens @ Detroit Lions DET(L) DET(L) DET(L)

Brooks Bits’

New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins

The divisional foes first matchup was a tale of to halves. Miami jumped out to a commanding 17-3 lead only to have New England score 24 unanswered points. Winners of three out of its last four with a 7-6 record, the Dolphins are currently the 7th seed in the playoffs, only one spot from the final standings.

A win over the division rival Patriots will be a confidence booster behind the 2nd-year quarterback Ryan Tannehill, and with Baltimore playing Detriot–who currently has the 6th seed in the playoffs–the Dolphins can put themselves in playoff position.

New England wil yet again be without Rob Gronkowski who is out for the season with a torn ACL. I’d hate to say his career is in jeopardy, but with multiple forearm surgeries, back surgeries, and now a torn ACL, the future doesn’t look bright for the start tight end.

San Diego Chargers @ Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning has never faired to well against the Chargers. Manning  has thrown 20 interceptions versus the Chargers during his career, second only to the 25 thrown to the Patriots.

But this is not that same Chargers’ team. With 45 touchdown passes on the season, and needing only 6 to break the record, Manning has at least a chance to tie the record against the Chargers’ 28th ranked passing defense.

On paper, this game just doesn’t bode too well for San Diego, especially if it turns into a shootout. The Broncos 1st-ranked passing attack (341.2 yds/g) vs. the Chargers 28th-ranked passing defense, and the Chargers 4th-ranked passing attack vs. Denver’s 29th-ranked passing defense, fireworks may come a few months early in Denver.

Eddie P’s Philosophical Take

Green Bay Packers @ Dallas Cowboys

This game is interesting. Both teams are still in the playoff hunt (technically). Dallas is a game behind Philly in the NFC East, while the Packers are looking more at an uphill battle at 6-6-1 and third place in the NFC North.

Green Bay is pretty limited at quarterback with Matt Flynn running the offense. There have been some reports indicating Aaron Rodgers took some snaps during Wednesday’s practice. However, Flynn is still expected to start.

On the flip side, Dallas has struggled all year on defense. The Cowboys rank among the leagues worst in pretty much every category.

This game would be the Packers’ to lose, but they are without their starting QB. Cowboys win.

Baltimore Ravens @ Detroit Lions

“[Calvin Johnson’s] pretty old, so I don’t know how physical he’ll be,” Matt Elam said, according to ESPN.


Somebody should have informed the Ravens’ rookie safety who Megatron is, because what he said is quite laughable. But maybe he was talking out the side of his neck because he later said the Ravens are going to have to double and triple team him. Yep, that’s more likely because Megatron is a beast that Baltimore doesn’t really match up well against. The only way the defense can slow down Johnson is by getting to Detroit quarterback, Matthew Stafford; and the D is quite capable with the outside linebacker duo of Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil. The pair has 18.5 sacks between the two, Suggs with nine and Dumervil with 9.5.

Baltimore’s 24th in the league in scoring, and you are going to need to score points to keep up with the Lions’ offense. I do not see that happening. Lions win.

Words From Wooten

Buffalo Bills @ Jacksonville Jaguars 

For once this season, I am actually predicting Jacksonville to come out victorious in a game. Buffalo has not been looking too good over the past few weeks, so it looks like Jacksonville may reap the benefits of a disoriented Buffalo Bills team. I’m not sure who’s doing what or who’s starting where in Jacksonville, but they are winning more than they did last season so they should definitely ride the momentum train while they can.

New York Jets @ Carolina Panthers

Carolina needs to bounce back from a disappointing loss handed to them by New Orleans last week.

Looking at their past opponents, only 3 of them have records that are currently .500 or better, so they’re going up against mediocre teams and getting W’s, which isn’t bad, but they need quality wins. The only 2 quality wins they have were against San Fransisco and New England and those were back-to-back weeks for them. But that will not matter this week. They’re competing against a lackluster New York Jets teams, so this will be an easy win for them.

Seattle Seahawks @ New York Giants

Seattle is looking to bounce back from a loss handed to them by San Fransisco. Luckily for them, they’re facing New York. Unfortunately for New York, they’re facing Seattle. Look for Eli Manning to give a few early Christmas presents to Seattle’s aggressive defense.

Are the Eagles a legitimate threat in the NFC?

Are the Eagles a legitimate threat in the NFC?

Only three remain in the 2013 NFL regular season.

Sad as that may seem, as the season winds down, each game will become more important as playoff contending teams jockey for seeding.

The NFC East is still undecided as both the Eagles and Cowboys are 7-5, Even without Jay Cutler, the Bears are still only one back of the Lions who face a red hot Eagles team this week, and New Orleans and Carolina go head-to-head Sunday night with the winner claiming sole position of first in the NFC South.

The season may be close to an end, but the ever-so-changing  playoff scenarios are just beginning to heat up.

Week 13 Prediction Results

Brooks: 10-6; Overall: 115-76

Perez: 12-4; Overall: 105-74

Wooten: 8-8; Overall: 104-85

Game Picks

Week 14 Matchups  Brooks Perez Wooten
Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars JAC(W) HOU(L) HOU(L)
Indianapolis Colts @ Cincinnati Bengals CIN(W) CIN(W) CIN(W)
Atlanta Falcons @ Green Bay Packers ATL(L) GB(W) GB(W)
Cleveland Browns @ New England Patriots NE(W) NE(W) NE(W)
Oakland Raiders @ New York Jets OAK(L) NYJ(W) OAK(L)
Detroit Lions @ Philadelphia Eagles DET(L) PHI(W) DET(L)
Miami Dolphins @ Pittsburgh Steelers PIT(L) PIT(L) PIT(L)
Buffalo Bills @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers BUF(L) TB(W) BUF(L)
Kansas City Chiefs @ Washington KC(W) KC(W) KC(W)
Minnesota Vikings @ Baltimore Ravens BAL(W) BAL(W) BAL(W)
Tennessee Titans @ Denver Broncos DEN(W) DEN(W) DEN(W)
St. Louis Rams @ Arizona Cardinals STL(L) AZ(W) STL(W)
New York Giants @ San Diego Chargers SD(W) NYG(L) SD(W)
Seattle Seahawks @ San Francisco 49ers SEA(L) SF(W) SEA(L)
Carolina Panthers @ New Orleans Saints NO(W) NO(W) NO(W)
Dallas Cowboys @ Chicago Bears DAL(L) DAL(L) CHI(L)

Brooks Bits’

Detroit Lions @ Philadelphia Eagles

Scoring 40 points in an NFL game would be impressive on any other day, but against a back-up quarterback who was called from the couch a little over two weeks ago, and leaching money from his two former teams (Raiders and Seahawks) doesn’t scream dominance.

Detroit was on a two-game slide before burying the Packers early in the third quarter and are 2-2 in its last four games. Unlike the Lions opponents, the Eagles are arguably the hottest team in the league 4-0 in their last four games. Nick Foles 19 touchdowns to zero interceptions is MVP worthy and he has silenced any notion of a quarterback controversy. And not to mention the 2nd overall rushing attack led by LeSean McCoy who has amassed 1,000 yards.

However, my reluctancy to pick Philadelphia is their 32nd-ranked pass defense. Calvin Johnson can take over a game by himself. Just ask the Cowboys.

Eddie P’s Philosophical Take

Miami Dolphins @ Pittsburgh Steelers

The casual fan would say this game is easily Pittsburgh’s. And even though I am giving this game to the Steelers, an easy win is not the case.

The Steelers are not what they used to be. The once dominant defense has lost some of its intimidation. Its rankings are smack dabbed in the middle (11th run defense, 18th against the pass). The offense is not the ground and pound of years past. They are 31st in the NFL in run offense. Big Ben and receiver Antonio Brown lead the way for the Steelers’ eighth overall passing offense.

Miami – on the other hand – is on the up-and-coming list, but sadly have been derailed off the tracks a few times due to in house issues. Nevertheless, the Dolphins will give the Steelers a tough time.

In the end, the game is at home for the Steelers. Pittsburgh wins.

Carolina Panthers @ New Orleans Saints

It’s a battle for the top spot in the NFC SOUTH. Both teams are tied with records of 9-3. Both teams are undefeated in division play; that is, until they face each other on Sunday.

Carolina has one of the league’s best defenses. Led by Luke Kuechly, the Panthers are the second best team against the run. The defense is also ranked sixth against the pass. On offense, the Panthers are a huge threat on the ground. DeAngelo Williams leads Carolina’s rushing attack, with Cam Newton and Mike Tolbert being threats out of the backfield as well. And let’s not forget veteran trash-talking receiver Steve Smith.

New Orleans is as potent on offense as Carolina is deadly on D. With Drew Brees under center, the offense will be explosive. Jimmy Graham will always be a threat. The 6-foot-eight tight end is 10th overall in terms of receiving yards, and he is tied for first in touchdown receptions with 12. On defense, coordinator Rex Ryan has really had an impact. The Saints are fourth against the pass. Defensive end Cameron Jordon also adds on 9.5 sacks.

The Saints are looking to bounce back from a disastrous defeat on Monday Night. The Panthers are on a eight-game winning streak. All good things must come to an end. New Orleans gets the Dub.

Words From Wooten

Atlanta Falcons @ Green Bay Packers

This time last year, this game would’ve been a great one to talk about. Now, both teams are banged up and they’re not the same team because of injuries, bad coaching, and the lack of chemistry on both sides of the ball.

Neither teams can execute like they were able to last season, and because of that, both are suffering. Falcons’ players are constantly on and off the field because of injuries while Packers players are out for the count like Randal Cobb and Aaron Rodgers(there is no reason for him to come back this season). All in all, Green Bay will take this because their defense will hold up against a struggling Falcons offense.

Dallas Cowboys @ Chicago Bears 

Ok, Chicago needs this win here. My Bears should’ve won against Minnesota last week, but Robbie Gould couldn’t come through for the Bears when they needed him. Hopefully, they will not need him on this night seeing as though Tony Romo has a way of throwing games away.

Romo has the potential to be better than what he is, but there needs to be changes in the coaching at staff because Jason Garrett is not getting it done for the $100 million man who has yet to get them a playoff win. Here’s a nice stat for you, Tony Romo has thrown 18 touchdowns and 1 intercepetion in the last 8 games in November. As you can see, there is some hope for the Cowboys to win, but I do not think it will happen Monday.

At 7-4, are the Carson Palmer-led Arizona Cardinals a threat in the NFC?

At 7-4, are the Carson Palmer-led Arizona Cardinals a threat in the NFC?

Hopefully, everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving.

And for the New Orleans Saints, I’m willing to bet they are more than thankful for having a top-3 quarterback in the NFL in Drew Brees. The Saints are going to need Brees and more as they travel to Seattle to take down arguably the best team in the NFL and their vaunted defense on Monday Night Football.

This week has heavily contested division and conference bouts that could have drastic playoff implication as the end of the season draws near. Could their be three teams from the AFC West to make the playoffs this year?

It’s possible.

Week 12 Prediction Results

Brooks: 7-6-1; Overall: 105-70-1

Perez: 6-7-1; Overall: 93-69-1

Wooten: 6-7-1; Overall: 98-77-1

Game Picks

Week 13 Matchups Brooks Perez Wooten
Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions DET(W) DET(W) DET(W)
Oakland Raiders @ Dallas Cowboys DAL(W) DAL(W) DAL(W)
Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens PIT(L) BAL(W) PIT(L)
Jacksonville Jaguars @ Cleveland Browns CLE(L) CLE(L) CLE(L)
Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts IND(W) IND(W) IND(W)
Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings MIN(W) CHI(L) CHI(L)
Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets NYJ(L) MIA(W) NYJ(L)
Arizona Cardinals @ Philadelphia Eagles AZ(L) AZ(L) PHI(W)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Carolina Panthers CAR(W) CAR(W) CAR(W)
New England Patriots @ Houston Texans NE(W) NE(W) NE(W)
Atlanta Falcons @ Buffalo Bills BUF(W) BUF(W) ATL(L)
St. Louis Rams @ San Francisco 49ers SF(W) SF(W) SF(W)
Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs DEN(W) DEN(W) DEN(W)
Cincinnati Bengals @ San Diego Chargers SD(L) CIN(W) CIN(W)
New York Giants @ Washington NYG(W) NYG(W) NYG(W)
New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks NO(L) NO(L) NO(L)

Brooks Bits’

Arizona Cardinals @ Philadelphia Eagles

The Battle of the Birds.

While a real life cardinal wouldn’t stand a chance in flight fight with an Eagle, the Cardinals of the NFL are one of the hottest teams in the league right now.

And even before the two teams have stepped on the field, the coaches have also exchanged verbal barbs. Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians said the Eagles have a “great college offense, and Chip Kelly responded by saying:

I don’t care what other people think. It doesn’t bother me. To spend time to think about what someone else thinks is counter to everything I’ve ever believed in my life. If I believe what other people think, that means I value their opinion more than I value my own. That’s not the case.

Arian can mock the Eagles offense all he wants, but Kelly has led the Eagles to the 5th-ranked offense in the NFL, and 2nd in rushing averaging 150.6 yards per game.

But what troubles me about Philadelphia is their last 32-ranked passing defense. Carson Palmer has thrown for 733 yards and four touchdowns the in the past two games. Michael Floyd is coming of age in Arizona as the second-wideout is on his way to a thousand yard season. Floyd, paired with one of the league’s best in Larry Fitzgerald is going to cause issues for the Eagles secondary.

Key stat to look out for, Eagles 2nd-ranked rushing offense vs. the Cardinals 2nd-ranked rushing defense.

New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks

The top two teams in the NFC go head-to-head on Monday night.

The Seahawks have been physically manhandling teams this season, and it doesn’t get any easier when the 12th-man has their back at home. Seattle has intercepted opposing quarterbacks 10 times at home this season, only six have come on the road. Seattle 2nd-ranked overall defense is a force to be reckoned with, but ask Kansas City what is the kryptonite to a great defense–and even greater quarterback.

The best quarterbacks Seattle has played this season is arguably Matt Ryan and Andrew Luck. Seattle pummeled the hapless Falcons, but lost a tight one to Luck and the Colts.

Neither quarterbacks are on the level of Drew Brees, who would be the MVP favorite if it wasn’t for Peyton Manning’s monster season.

Give me Brees and 2nd-ranked offense in the NFL to hand Seattle its first loss at home.

Eddie P’s Philosophical Take

St. Louis Rams @ San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick has struggled a bit this season (sophomore slump?). But he is getting back one of his most trusted receivers in Michael Crabtree. The Rams’ offense has been impressive these past two games. The defense has also notched it up a level for the Rams. So this will not be a repeat of the teams’ first encounter earlier this season.

However, St. Louis might be without two key starters. Running back Zac Stacy and corner Trumaine Johnson both received head injuries last week. Losing both will hurt the Rams on both sides of the ball.

Hence, the 49ers victory.

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New York Giants @ Washington

Washington really needs to bounce back from last week’s catastrophe against San Francisco. After that game, a few of San Fran’s players basically exposed Redskin’s quarterback Robert Griffin III’s abilities by saying  he shouldn’t be playing right now because he isn’t 100 percent and not living up to his rookie year.

Now, if he is starting, then the Giant’s defensive front seven will definitely get to him a few time this weekend. This will not be an easy one for neither of the teams. Sad part is that the Redskins cannot build through the draft due to the trading away of a few prime picks. All they can look forward to now is firing coaches.

Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings

Looks like Chicago needs to bounce back from a loss they received from St. Louis last week and the loss wasn’t pretty at all.

We all know that Minnesota is a one dimensional offense, so it shouldn’t be hard to stop them, but somehow, it is. The Vikings’ running game is very good thanks to a good offensive line and Adrian ‘All Day’ Peterson.

But Chicago will struggle against Minnesota’s defense with Josh McCown under center. In the end, the Bears will come out victorious in this one.


Clash of the Titans: Manning vs. Brady is always must see T.V.

Week 12 should be themed “Reunion Week” as Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians faces his former team in the Indianapolis Colts after leading them to the playoffs last year, Rex Ryan is facing his former team against the Baltimore Ravens, Denver  Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker is battling a concussion to be on the field to play against the Patriots after a testy offseason, and a little known storyline as St. Louis Rams’ defensive end Chris Long will line up against his younger brother, Chicago Bears right tackle Kyle Long.

But even those highlighted games will be overshadowed by Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning, Eli Manning vs. Tony Romo and Robert Griffin III vs. Colin Kaepernick.

Week 11 Predictions Results

Brooks: 10-5; Overall: 98-64

Perez: 9-6; Overall: 87-62

Wooten: 9-6; Overall: 92-70

Game Picks

Week 12 Game Picks Brooks Perez Wooten
New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons NO(W) NO(W) NO(W)
Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cleveland Browns PIT(W) PIT(W) PIT(W)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Detroit Lions DET(L) DET(L) DET(L)
Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers MIN(T) GB(T) GB(T)
San Diego Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs KC(L) KC(L) KC(L)
Chicago Bears @ St. Louis Rams STL(W) CHI(L) STL(W)
Carolina Panthers @ Miami Dolphins CAR(W) CAR(W) CAR(W)
New York Jets @ Baltimore Ravens BAL(W) BAL(W) BAL(W)
Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans HOU(L) HOU(L) HOU(L)
Tennessee Titans @ Oakland Raiders OAK(L) TEN(W) OAK(L)
Indianapolis Colts @ Arizona Cardinals ARI(W) IND(L) IND(L)
Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants NYG(L) NYG(L) NYG(L)
Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots DEN(L) DEN(L) DEN(L)
San Francisco 49ers @ Washington SF(W) SF(W) SF(W)

Brooks Bits’

Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots

Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning is one of the biggest matchups in sports. These two future Hall of Famers will face off for the 14th time, including the playoffs.  Peyton already has 34 touchdowns through 10 weeks which puts him on pace to break the NFL single-season record from Brady who three 50 touchdown passes in 2007.

The Patriots controversial loss to the Carolina Panthers lingered long after the game, but New England must put the loss behind them as they gear up for Peyton and the Broncos. New England won last season’s matchup at home 31-21, and the Patriots haven’t lost at home all season.

Depending on the seeding, this is a preview of the AFC championship game.

Eddie P’s Philosophical Take 

Carolina Panthers @ Miami Dolphins

Miami is going through hell right now. The team is dealing with bully-gate, rendering them down two starters on the offensive line. Center Mike Pouncey said he will be in the lineup but he has also been dealing with gallbladder issues. With all the front office issues this team is in bad shape, despite the win against San Diego last week.

The Panthers are on the other side of the spectrum, currently enjoying a six-game win streak. The defense is quietly a top five defense in terms of yards allowed (5th against the pass, 3rd versus the rush, 2nd overall). Carolina’s D is also second in the league with 23 takeaways.

On offense, quarterback Cam Newton sprung himself into the MVP discussion with his performance against the Patriots.

With everything accounted for, Carolina will extend its win streak to seven.

 Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans 

Usually, this type of game would be a no brainer. The Jaguars are arguably the league’s worst team. The defense is horrendous and the offense is just as bad, even worse. The only thing making me question the certainty of another Jacksonville loss is their opponent: the Houston Texans.

The Texans have been notoriously known to self-destruct in games this season. The original starting quarterback (Matt Schaub) is now the back up to Case Keenum who was on the Houston practice squad last year. Last week, things got so bad that the Texans’ best player, Andre Johnson, walked off the field.

Words from Wooten

New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons 

Drew ‘Cool’ Brees is on a roll here and I like what I am seeing from the New Orleans Saints in general.As we all know, San Fransisco is a tough team to beat, but New Orleans did just that.Now, it wasn’t the best win, but a win is a win.

With this match-up, we have the high flying offense of the New Orleans Saints going up against a struggling Atlanta Falcons defense. It doesn’t matter where you are on the WR depth chart, if you get in the game, Brees will find a way to get you the ball.

On the other hand, Matt ‘Matty Ice’ Ryan has not been looking too good this season. He’s struggling against sub par teams and I’m pretty sure we all thought that he was a top 10 quarterback. I can definitely say that he’s no longer among the elite at the moment, he can barely find his targets. Instead, he’s finding defenders.

Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants

This is always a good game between these two teams here. For some reason, I feel like Romo will not be victorious in this one. Now, I could be wrong(very wrong), but I just can’t see it happening. With a D-line like New York, you can expect for Jason ‘JPP’ Pierre-Paul to get to Romo a few times to rattle his composure.

On the other hand, DeMarcus ‘D-Ware’ Ware is back and he will be looking to get to Manning as he normally does.

All in all, leave it to Romo to mess up and cause Dallas from winning this one.

San Francisco 49ers @ Washington 

To start things off, Robert Griffin III is looking very frustrated on the field. I feel like he thinks that Washington’s current system no longer fits him and the surrounding players. Kyle Shanahan may not be back for the 2014 season and that’s fine. I think the next offensive coordinator should make RG3 more of a pocket passer. Everybody knows that he wants to run, so do the opposite.

I feel like RG3 can be the next Bret Favre if he has the right supporting cast. Favre was a gunslinger, who on occasions, would run to get those extra yards, and that’s how I would like to see RG3 play.

But this will not be happening this game.

The Bad Boys of the Bay Area will bully RG3 in an assortment of ways–zone blitz, corner blitz, blitz from up the middles or even a simple four man rush.

When it all boils down, Washington will not be victorious against San Fransisco. Granted, both teams are looking to bounce back, but Washington won’t bounce back this game.

After five straight victories, will Colin Kaepernick  and the 49ers lose two in a row to the Saints?

After five straight victories, will Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers lose two in a row to the Saints?

Only one week away from the last quarter of the season, from here on out, playoff implications weigh heavy for each remaining game.

This week is slated with competitive division matchups and top-ranked teams going toe-t0-toe to extend their dominance. AFC West foes will meet as the Broncos take on the undefeated chiefs, the NFC East is still up for grabs as Washington travels to Philadelphia to try and slow down the red hot Nick Foles and the decimated Falcons will try and stop the Bucs’ from winning two straight after starting the season 0-8.

You know the drill, read ‘em and weep.

Week 10 Prediction Results

Brooks: 7-7; Overall: 88-59

Perez: 9-5; Overall: 78-56

Wooten: 83-64; Overall: 83-64

Game Picks

Week 11 Matchups  Brooks Perez Wooten
Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans IND(W) IND(W) IND(W)
New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills NYJ(L) NYJ(L) NYJ(L)
Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals CIN(W) CIN(W) CIN(W)
Washington @ Philadelphia Eagles PHI(W) PHI(W) WAS(L)
Detroit Lions @ Pittsburgh Steelers DET(L) DET(L) PIT(W)
Arizona Cardinals @ Jacksonville Jaguars AZ(W) AZ(W) AZ(W)
Oakland Raiders @ Houston Texans HOU(L) HOU(L) HOU(L)
San Diego Chargers @ Miami Dolphins SD(L) SD(L) SD(L)
San Francisco 49ers @ New Orleans Saints NO(W) NO(W) NO(W)
Green Bay Packers @ New York Giants NYG(W) NYG(W) NYG(W)
Minnesota Vikings @ Seattle Seahawks SEA(W) SEA(W) SEA(W)
Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos DEN(W) DEN(W) DEN(W)
New England Patriots @ Carolina Panthers CAR(W) NE(L) NE(L)
Baltimore Ravens @ Chicago Bears CHI(W) CHI(W) CHI(W)
Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers ATL(L) ATL(L) ATL(L)

Brooks Bits’

New England Patriots @ Carolina Panthers

If Denver and Kansas City doesn’t live up to the billing, bet this game will.

After knocking off the 49ers in an ugly win at Candlestick Park, Carolina’s 2nd-ranked defense hopes to harass Tom Brady as he tries to derail the Panthers who are on a five game winning streak. Carolina is arguably the hottest team in the NFL right now and their defense flex its muscles to prove up.

The Panther are yielding only 201.3 yards in the air, which ranks them 5th-best in the league. Fresh off the bye-week, Brady is a week removed from putting on a show in Foxboro throwing for 432 yards and 4 touchdowns against Pittsburgh. The Patriots hope to see less of Rob Gronkowski’s off-the-field antics and more of his 9-catch, 143 yard performance he put on against the Steelers.

San Francisco was a tough test for Carolina, but a win against New England will solidify them as a true contender.

Washington (*Not using the logo name on purpose) @ Philadelphia Eagles

At 3-6 (WAS) and 5-5 (PHI) both of these teams still have a shot at winning division. As a matter of fact, the Eagles are tied for first with the Cowboys (5-5), and the Giants have won 3 in a row after starting the season 0-6.

The NFC (L)East, ladies and gentleman.

Robert Griffin III has been improving each week and appears to have shaken off the rust, but something doesn’t seem right about this team. They still have virtually the same defense last year, plus the return of Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan, but the defense 388.6 (27th) yards per game.

This is bad news for a team who is playing on the road against the 9th-best passing team, led by Nick Foles who has thrown 16 touchdown passes to zero interceptions, and 2nd-best rushing team led by the NFL’s leading rusher, LeSean McCoy.

What seems to be theme this week is everyone point out how Washington started the season off at 3-6 last year before tailing of seven straight victories to win the division and make the playoffs.

Can history repeat itself? Maybe so, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Eddie P’s Philosophical Take

San Francisco 49ers @ New Orleans Saints

New Orleans is on top of the NFC South with a 7-2 record. San Francisco is 6-3 – good for second in the NFC West.  Depending how the NFC plays out, these two teams can be facing each other at some point in the playoffs.

The 49ers have not been as dominant as the 49ers of last year. Teams have proven that they can be beaten. Make quarterback Colin Kaepernick miserable, you get the win.  Seattle did it in Week 2.  Indianapolis followed suite in Week 3, and Carolina laid out the same blueprint last week.

The Rob Ryan-led Saints defense is an aggressive on. The team is tied for eighth in terms of sacks with 29. It allows the third fewest passing yards. Oh, and Drew Brees and the offense ain’t too shabby either.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos

This, this here is the game of the week.

The Kansas City Chiefs are the only undefeated team. Andy Reid has really pulled a good one. Also, who would have thought a team with Alex Smith at the helm would be 9-0.

Then there is the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning. Any team could be a contender with Peyton at quarterback, but that is where it gets tricky here. Manning has been bothered by an ankle injury. He says he will be good to go, but Peyton is a creature of habit that likes to stick to his routine. A bummed ankle could offset Manning just enough though.

However, I have faith in Peyton, and with him in the game, the Broncos have themselves a win.

Words From Wooten

Minnesota Vikings @ Seattle Seahawks

Looks like we have the Minnesota Petersons going up against the Seattle Seahawks, featuring the notorious and notable 12th man. Scariest part about the 12th man is that the architects who designed the Seahawks field used the help of engineers to make it ever louder.

Look for Peterson to have a not so stellar game against Seattle’s top 10 defense. They are just nasty. They are in your face and beyond physical. Not to mention that players like Richard ‘Sherm’ Sherman will get under your skin like no one else. If he takes you out of your element, then it’s over with for you down there.

On the other hand, Seattle’s offense knows how to handle the ball as well. Marshawn ‘Beast Mode’ Lynch can truck all 11 players at one time. All in all, the 12th man will definitely help Seattle get the W this weekend.

Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ok, is it safe to say that Atlanta is officially a snake bitten town? For the Falcons to have reached the NFC Champion last season, then flop later this season, Atlanta fans are now wearing bags over their heads in the stadium. Tampa Bay is looking for win no. 2 in this one, and it is very possible for them to get it. Atlanata is not playing like they use to, and for that, I don’t think they will win. Then again, this is Tampa Bay, so you never know what you’re going to get. Look for Atlanta to take this from Tampa Bay.