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OK, C what had happened was…

I know I’ve said this a million times probably, but it is the golden rule of the NBA, superstars prevail. A superstar has that uncanny ability to will his team from the jaws of defeat, to physically and mentally mop the floor with their opponent and to announce themselves as the alpha dog on the court. However, the growl of the Grizzlies was much more louder and devastating than the crackling of the Thunder.

We can play what if and should’ve, could’ve, would’ve all day long, but the fact of the matter is the Memphis Grizzlies dominated the Oklahoma City without Russell Westbrook. Too many times Thunder players sat idle in the corners waiting to see what Durant would do next, will he make the next shot, should we pass or shoot?  While some stepped up in spots here and there, they ultimately didn’t have any other offensive help beside Durant. KD is a legit star in this league, but even he showed he can’t do it all by himself shooting 24% in game 5 going 5-21 from the field and 0-4 from beyond the arc, not to mention 7 turnovers.

OKC will no doubt be in contention next year with a healthy Westbrook, but they must add other scoring threats to compliment their two young stars. And no, I haven’t forgotten about Kevin Martin, he’s just isn’t much to talk about.


I applaud the Bulls for putting up a fight and making the game more interesting. It might have been in the game plan to fall behind early and lull the Heat to sleep, what did they have lose? Down three 3-1 to the defending champs with an assortment of injuries and mid-level talent, the series loss was inevitable.

Bulls fan everywhere are all waiting for the return of Derrick Rose. I’ll be anxious to see how the Bulls compete next year with their star back out on the court. LeBron has won 4 MVPs in 5 years. Who is the other guy sandwiched between LeBron’s incredible streak? Only the youngest MVP in NBA history, Derrick Rose.

Moving right along…

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe predicts he will lead the NFL in touchdown receptions and catches overall.

*The only reason why this could possibly happen is because Andy Reid has proved he will abandon the ground game and air it out 35+ times a game. Although, newly acquired quarterback  Alex Smith statistically doesn’t have a great outing when he’s chucking the ball all over the field on the NFL level. Jim Harbaugh did a phenomenal job masquerading Smith’s flaws and completely elevating his play. Maybe Smith’s ascent will transition into a huge year for Bowe. Maybe.

*Only a month ago, the Baltimore Ravens signed the eight overall pick in the 2010 draft to a one-year deal. Well, after being arrested three times since December, the 23-year-old Rolando McClain has announced his retirement. At first glance, I thought this was a bad decision because I felt football was the only structure McClain had in his life. But time away from football to fix his personal life is what he needs to overcome his shortcomings.

Here is a quote McClain told reporters about his decision to retire: 

“Quite simply, I love football, but I have decided at this time it is in my best interest to focus on getting my personal life together.”

Hopefully he finds a firm foundation to help him change his life around.

Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers said this to reporters about Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez:

“He sucks.” I wouldn’t let Mark Sanchez throw me a paper bag sandwich.”

Of course, this is not news worthy, but gosh I sure got a laugh out of it.



If the Lakers make the playoffs, how will they fair without their fallen star?

They say time waits for no man, not even the competitive, driven warrior that is Kobe Bryant.

How can one fathom the thought of the Los Angeles Lakers without Bryant? In his illustrious 17 seasons of wearing purple and gold,  he has played in 1,239 of 1,346 possible regular season games and 220 of 223 playoff games. Besides his impeccable game winning step-back jumpers, sheer will to win and five NBA titles, his grit and durability belongs in a category of its own.

Due to the sad events that transpired April 12th against the Golden State Warriors, the Lakers  will have to move on without Bryant because of an Achilles tendon tear. Throughout the turmoil of the Lakers season, Bryant “guaranteed” his team will make the playoffs. True, Kobe has been playing in a youthful manner as of late, but how long could his injury riddled body at the age of 34 sustain the grind of the NBA? Many analyst, commentators and experts say his increased minutes of play doesn’t coincide with the injury.

Come again?

In his last 7 games, he has played 48, 47, 43, 47, 41, 48, 45, and headed towards another 48 minutes of play.

And that doesn’t equals to an Achilles tendon tear of the battled, future first ballot Hall-of-Famer who constantly played through a slew of injuries?

According to WebMD, an Achilles tendon injury might be caused by:

  • Overuse
  • Stepping up your level of physical activity too quickly
  • Not stretching enough before exercise
  • Wearing high heels, which increases the stress on the tendon (Doubt Kobe wears heels)
  • Problems with the feet. An Achilles tendon injury can result from flat feet, also known as fallen arches or overpronation. In this condition, the impact of a step causes the arch of your foot to collapse, stretching the muscles and tendons.
  • Muscles or tendons in the leg that are too tight

You’re more likely to tear an Achilles tendon when you start moving suddenly. For instance, a sprinter might get one at the start of a race. The abrupt tensing of the muscle can be too much for the tendon to handle. Men older than age 30 are particularly prone to Achilles tendon injuries.

Bryant aims to return next year, and the timetable for his return is six to nine months. He would most likely miss the start of the 2013-14 season, but he could possibly return during the middle of the season. In the meantime, LA will have to find a way to play without him.

Not only will the Lakers miss his 27.3 points a game, but the Lake Show will be without  32.6% of the its points production, 31.4% of the team’s field-goal attempts, and 34.9% of their free throw attempts. While I understand Bryant’s increased minutes were fueled by the chances to make a playoff push, I’d hate to play the blame game, but how can the Lakers organization not be at fault?

They opted to bring in Steve Nash who is a shell of himself and his coach in Mike D’Antoni who Bryant respects, but I wouldn’t say listens to. Phil Jackson was the only coach who could get in the head of Kobe and force him to rest on the bench. They drove Kobe into the ground. However, I will admit that I’m curious to see the impact of Nash’s return when he has both 7-footers at his disposal in Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol.

The Lakers have put out 41 different lineups this season with 32 of them including Bryant. While LA awaits for the return of Nash, if the playoffs started today, the starting lineup would be Steve Blake, Jodie Meeks, Earl Clark, Gasol and Howard. Not the scenario D’Antoni envisioned.

The obvious key factor for the Lakers survival, and their future, is Howard.

But in my opinion, Dwight cannot lead a team on his own. He’s too nice, not into the game at times, not the demanding, dominating, killer instinctive player like Bryant, but who is? And we can’t forget about the mess that went down in Orlando. While Howard unquestionably has the skill set, I can’t see him as the face of the franchise for the Lakers.

The Lakers will eventually have to part ways with the Black Mamba, but right now, the Lakers need Bryant. Especially going up against the San Antonio Spurs or the Oklahoma City Thunder in the first round. Can they even make it a series against either team without Bryant if they make the playoffs?

That remains to be seen, but the loss of Kobe and his impact on the team and organization is huge to say the least.

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Brooks Bits

New York Giants (6-3) at Cincinnati Bengals (3-5)

With the Giants hot start to the season, I can’t help but to think the defending champs will go into reverse down the stretch. They have always started mediocre and finished strong, perhaps this season is different as they look to keep the engine churning. Cincy is on a 4 game losing streak. the second-year pro Andy Dalton needs to be more assertive, maybe a win over the Giants will ignite the spark that head coach Marvin Lewis is looking for.

Dallas Cowboys (3-5) at Philadelphia Eagles (3-5)

It has been rumored that regardless of what happens to either team, both will look to offer the head coaching job to the Saints suspended HC Sean Payton. Well in the meantime, which one of these teams will right the ship? This is a must win game for both, a 3-6 record will all but end their playoff hopes. The Eagles makeshift O-line has to find a way to contain DeMarcus Ware from causing chaos all game long. As for Dallas, the Eagles defense looks like a chicken running around with its head off at times, Big D must expose Philly’s defense. Hopefully Dallas won’t beat themselves.

Houston Texans (7-1)  at Chicago Bears (7-1)

Is this a possible Super Bowl Preview? This game will be decided by defense. Chicago has been known for a poor offensive line. Jay Cutler has to be cringing after every sack and swatted ball by the leading candidate for defensive player of the year, J.J. Watt. And don’t think Matt Schuab and Andre Johnson isn’t paying attention the league’s interception leader in Charles ‘Peanut’ Tillman. This may be one of the best games of the year.

Words from Wooten

Indianapolis Colts (5-3) at Jacksonville Jaguars (1-7)

Unfortunately, there is no hope for Jacksonville. At this point in the season, I feel like the top 5 BCS teams can beat them with a comfortable margin. Especially Bama. (RollTide)  All in all, Jacksonville needs to draft Manti Te’o (MLB from Notre Dame) or a franchise caliber quarterback  to progress their rebuilding process.

Atlanta Falcons (8-0) at New Orleans Saints (3-5)

As much as I love New Orleans because of my Louisiana past, I’m giving this one to Atlanta. They are clicking on all cylinders and there are playing like they want it all.

New York Jets (3-5) at Seattle Seahawks (5-4)

It is safe to say that Tebow Time is over. New York has made a mistake by trying to make Mark Sanchez something he isn’t, a franchise QB. Seattle’s 12th man will significantly intensify this game.

*Brooks Bits part-2

I can’t believe the NFL is already passed its halfway mark. With the usual suspects peaking at this time of year, the surprising Atlanta Falcons are still undefeated at 8-0, and the Chicago Bears’ (7-1)  and their drive halting defense is arguably the league’s best team. Lets take a look at the division leaders thus far:

AFC NORTH                                                                    NFC NORTH 

1. Baltimore Ravens (6-2)                                            1. Chicago Bears (7-1)

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-3)                                         2. Green Bay Packers (6-3)

3. Cincinnati Bengals (3-5)                                          3. Minnesota Vikings (5-4)

4. Cleveland Browns (2-7)                                           4. Detroit Lions (4-4)

AFC SOUTH                                                                   NFC SOUTH

1. Houston Texans (7-1)                                                1. Atlanta Falcons (8-0)

2. Indianapolis Colts (5-3)                                             2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-4)

3. Tennessee Titans (3-6)                                             3. New Orleans Saints (3-5)

4. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-7)                                       4. Carolina Panthers (2-6)

AFC EAST                                                                         NFC EAST

1. New England Patriots (5-3)                                   1. New York Giants (6-3)

2. Miami Dolphins (4-4)                                            2. Philadelphia Eagles (3-5)

3. New York Tebows Jets  (3-5)                               3. Dallas Cowboys (3-5)

4. Buffalo Bills (3-5)                                                  4. Washington Redskins (3-6)

AFC WEST                                                                       NFC WEST

1. Denver Broncos (5-3)                                               1. San Francisco 49ers (6-2)

2. San Diego Chargers (4-4)                                        2. Seattle Seahawks (5-4)

3. Oakland Raiders (3-5)                                              3. Arizona Cardinal (4-5)

4. Kansas City Chiefs (1-7)                                          4. St. Louis Rams (3-5)

Thanks for reading.


-Kelton Brooks


Aaah, another season of the sport that helped mold and shape me as a youth: professional basketball. No offense to any other sport, but the NBA is unique in that each season, the storylines of the league may change drastically, and cellar dwellers can turn into championship contenders with the turn of one or two trades. Here are some storylines from what I see as the 5 true contenders to the title this season.

Miami Heat: After many attempts, a ring was finally presented to the “King,” Lebron James. The Heat maintained their core team of James, Dwyane Wade, and the always comical Chris Bosh; Miami is in position for another run to the title adding one of the greatest shooters of all time in Ray Allen and one of the greatest thieves of all time in Rashard Lewis. Will the Heat’s additions prove to be enough to take them to the top again?

LA Lakers: Obviously the big winners in the summer’s ongoing Dwight Howard sweepstakes, the Lakers came up with a windfall, only losing their sputtering young center Andrew Bynum and a handful of bench players. Also, the Lakers came up with yet another bonus by scoring the aging, yet still excellent point guard Steve Nash. Creating what is yet ANOTHER team of “super starters” with Nash, Kobe Bryant, Metta World Peace, Pau Gasol, and Howard. Although this team is very capable, it is faced with the daunting future of very short term contracts. How will this team respond to its new challenge of “championship or bust?”

Oklahoma City Thunder: Last year was a phenomenal year for the young team; advancing all the way to the NBA Finals. Expect young stars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook to continue their streak of dominance at their positions. However, this year’s team is indeed a different one due to the loss of the $80 million dollar man James Harden off the bench. Although the starting 5 won’t change much (the addition of Kevin Martin), there will be undoubtedly a different dynamic in the bench play of the Thunder. Will this move hurt or help the budding team?

Boston Celtics: With the loss of Ray Allen to their conference rivals, this team just keeps looking older and older. The addition of Jason Terry and Courtney Lee should help their chances of remaining relevant, as well as drafting a pair of young centers in Fab Melo and Jared Sullinger. The  stalwart play of all-star PG Rajon Rondo will provide a huge burst of energy to the team. Although, the overriding question of the season will remain: Will this team have enough gas at the end of the season to make the most of what will more than likely be its last season at its current state?

Dallas Mavericks: The Mavs were one of the many teams who were jilted by Dwight Howard in this summer’s soap opera, as well as missing out on the Deron Williams boat. The Mavericks endured all sorts of lineup changes and could end up having the most solid starting five in the league. The addition of Chris Kaman and Elton Brand provides them with much needed toughness in the post, and the addition of OJ Mayo and Darren Collison provides a young, explosive backcourt with room to grow. Look for the Mavs to make a deep run.



Thanks for reading.


-Justin Long

edited by: Kelton Brooks