My love for sports started with America’s pastime, baseball. Growing up in Memphis, TN, my dad got me involved in baseball at an early age. When I first began to play my new found favorite sport, I wore the number 24 in honor of my all-time favorite player, Ken Griffey Jr. I later changed my number to 25 to make a name for myself. Throughout the years, my love for all sports has grown tremendously. From hockey to football, it didn’t matter what type of sport I was watching, I was always intrigued.

High school is where I discovered my ability to write. Any type of paper, story or article, it always came easy to me. With my passion for sports and my then found skill in writing, I combined the two which has led me to the field of journalism.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism at the University of Mississippi where I wrote for the university’s newspaper, the Daily Mississippian. I am currently a reporter at the Garden City Telegram where I cover the Law Enforcement Beat and General Assignment.  Also, I am a staff writer for ramblinfan.com, a sports network that is a part of Sports Illustrated  that dishes out non-stop sports news and views on your favorite teams and topics. My area of focus is the St. Louis Rams, who is ironically my favorite football team.

Besides writing, I also have experience in broadcast. I am a contributing reporter to Ole Miss’ network, NewsWatch as well as hard news and feature packages for various classes. Be sure to view my Resume and Broadcast Package page.

I just want to succeed in the field where I have developed an immeasurable love and passion. Like all sons and daughters, I want to make my parents proud.


  1. Magnificent! (As usual. :-P )

  2. Teven Lee says:

    Great Look with this website Kelton. You’re on your way to the commentators table aren’t you my guy?! – Teven Lee

  3. Wren says:

    Very good Kelton, your site is so original and inspiring. Keep up the good work because it’s definitely going to pay off!

    GO RAMS! (:

  4. Kennen Brooks says:

    Son, I am proud of not only who you are but who what inspire to be and that`s the” BEST DAMN JOURNALIST” out there. Continue to keep your eyes on the prize, stay focus, humble, grounded and most of all Prayed Up. I love you…….til death and after.


    ps, RAIDER4LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! youbettergetonboard!!!!!!

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