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Week 8 NFL Predictions

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Brooks' Sports
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My apologies for the delay with my predictions. Classes were a bit hectic for me this week, and that’s putting in lightly. Also, some of you have been asking about my BrooksWeeklySports Podcast, no worries, it will soon return. I’m working on scheduling it during prime time hours. Follow me on Twitter @ijuswanawrite for updates.

Moving along…

Last week’s predictions included picks from Randall Thomas, (@RandallKThomas) and BrooksWeekly regular, Delonte Wooten. (@WootBoogie) Congrats to Thomas for posting an above .500 record on his first attempt at predictions. Look for more commentary and predictions from him in the near future. Also, check out Thomas at

Here are last week’s results

Brooks: 12-1

Wooten: 10-3

Thomas: 9-4

At the halfway point of the season, my overall record is 69-36.

Now for the predictions…

Brooks Wooten
Buccaneers vs Vikings omit omit
Panthers vs Bears Bears Bears
Chargers vs Browns Chargers Chargers
Seahawks vs Lions Seahawks Seahawks
Jaguars vs Packers Packers Packers
Colts vs Titans Titans Titans
Patriots vs Rams Patriots Patriots
Dolphins vs Jets Jets Dolphins
Falcons vs Eagles Falcons Falcons
Redskins vs Steelers Redskins Steelers
Raiders vs Chiefs Raiders Chiefs
Giants vs Cowboys Giants Giants
Saints vs Broncos Broncos Broncos
49ers vs Cardinals 49ers 49ers

Brooks Bits

Indecisive Pick

Atlanta Falcons (6-0) vs Philadelphia Eagles (3-3)

The Eagles are 13-0 off the bye week, and head coach Andy Reid job is on the line. Michael Vick may look to have a breakout game against his former team. On the other hand, the Falcons are destined to turn around their playoff woes by making a statement against every opposing team. Look for Falcons’ QB Matt Ryan to rebound after his 3 INT performance against Oakland.

Obvious Pick

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5) vs Green Bay Packers (4-3)

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers high-octane offense has averaged 34 points over the last 3 games. The Pack is back. Green Bay in a rout.

Upset Pick

Washington Redskins (3-4) vs Pittsburgh Steelers (3-3)

In defeat, the rookie phenom put on a show against the defending Super Bowl champions going 20-28 258 YDS 2 TDs and 1 INT; adding 9 car for 89 YDS on the ground. If he was able to put up those gaudy numbers against a more formidable Giants defense, Pittsburgh’s aging defense will have a fit containing RGIII. However, the Redskins’ last ranked pass defense could cause their own demise.

Words from Wooten

Carolina Panthers (1-5) at Chicago Bears (5-1)

Will this be a CHANGE that Newton wanted? I doubt. Will Bears corner back Charles ‘Peanut’ Tillman lock down Steve Smith like he did the Lions’ superstar wideout Calvin ‘Megatron’ Johnson? Now that I don’t doubt.  Bears defensive end Julius Peppers will pressure Cam Newton all game long. The Monsters of The Midway will continue to terrorize the opponents’ offense.

Oakland Raiders (2-4) at Kansas City Chiefs (1-5)

Yeah, this is another one of those sad match-ups. What’s worst is that Chiefs Matt Cassel lost his Job to journeyman quarterback Brady Quinn. Look forward to a dull one here.


Thanks for reading.

-Kelton Brooks

Week 7 NFL Predictions

Posted: October 18, 2012 in Brooks' Sports
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Hello my faithful sports fans. Here I am again giving you insights, and of course, my weekly predictions.

Today’s picks features the return of Delonte Wooten—who will become a regular on BrooksWeekly—and a newcomer to the realm of predictions, plants sciences major with a minor in journalism and math at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Randall Thomas. Philanthropist by day, and a college football fanatic by night, look for Randall to join in on the next BrooksWeekly Sports Podcast. Follow Randall and Delonte on Twitter @RandallKThomas and @WootBoogie.

Speaking of that, Monday is the scheduled day for my next on-air show, follow me on Twitter @ijuswanawrite for more details.

Now for the predictions…

Brooks Wooten Thomas
Seahawks vs 49ers 49ers 49ers 49ers
Titans vs Bills Titans Bills Bills
Browns vs Colts Colts Colts Colts
Packers vs Rams Packers Packers Packers
Cardinals vs Vikings Vikings Cardinals Vikings
Redskins vs Giants Giants Giants Redskins
Saints vs Buccaneers Saints Saints Saints
Cowboys vs Panthers Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys
Ravens vs Texans Texans Texans Ravens
Jaguars vs Raiders Raiders Raiders Raiders
Jets vs Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots
Steelers vs Bengals Bengals Bengals Bengals
Lions vs Bears Bears Bears Bears

Brooks Bits

Dallas at Carolina: I am torn on this one. Cam is going through the unavoidable sophomore slump, and opposing teams don’t even have to beat Dallas, they beat themselves. Talent wise,  the Cowboys and Panthers are evenly matched. I still haven’t figured out what the Panthers are doing with their running game. They should buckle down and commit to a more traditional style of  a rushing attack. QB Cam Newton is leading the team in rushing with 40 carries 209 yards and 3 TDs. DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart…hello?

Baltimore at Houston: Future Hall of Fame MLB Ray Lewis is out for the season. Starting CB Lardarius Webb is out for the season. T-sizzle (Terrell Suggs) is returning from injury and their mammoth defensive tackle, Haloti Ngata is dinged up. This once dominant defense is a paper mache shell of themselves. Not to mention Houston is still smarting from that beat down by the Packers.

Cleveland at Indianapolis: Even though neither team holds a winning record, this is a sleeper match-up to me. Both rookie quarterbacks have been on the rise in recent weeks. With key starters out on defense for the Colts, I expect Browns’ rookie RB Trent Richardson, to have a breakout game. But that depends on his health. Overall, Indy still possess a far better team.

Detroit at Chicago: The Bears, who I picked to win the NFC North this year, has been steamrolling teams since their meltdown against Green Bay in week 2. They have outscored their opponents 98 to 27 in the last 3 games. Even the defense is chipping on points by reaching the endzone in 3 straight games.

No Upest Pick this week. This week’s games features a slew of evenly matched teams.

Wooten’s Commentary

Green Bay at St. Louis: ok, for the record, somebody needs to stop Jordy Nelson. He’s big, athletic, and sneaky fast. With a high caliber QB like Aaron Rodgers, stopping their offense in general won’t be easy. On the other hand,  (James) Laurinaitis and the Rams’ defense has been consistent these past few weeks. In the end, Green Bay shall prevail. Sorry Kelton. (Yes, I am an avid Rams fan)

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati: No one is stopping AJ Green, so I’m sticking with that. The Red Rifle (Andy Dalton) will connect once or twice with him. To flip it, James Harrison, healthy. Lawrence Timmons, healthy. Lamar Woodley, also healthy. Yeah, they’re going to cause problems. Oh, and if you didn’t know, Cincinnati is 3-10 all-time on Sunday night. This won’t be an easy one for them.

New York Jets at New England: Revis Island is submerged by an injury, and is under construction until further notice. Tom Brady is going to hurt this team. So will Stevan Ridley and Brandon Bolden.

New Orleans at Tampa Bay: Yeah, Cool Brees will fly through this defense. This will be the 49th straight game with a TD from him.


Thanks for reading

-Kelton Brooks

Ole Miss starting quarterback Bo Wallace, was unable to join me on my BrooksWeekly Sports Podcast. However, no worries, I give you my word that I will have many more special guest to stop by the show. More than likely, I will host another podcast Monday. Stay tuned for further announcements.

Moving right along…

*Brooks Bits

After weeks of dominating my predictions, I’ve fallen back down to earth posting a 7-7 record. But hey, I have never gone below .500, kudos to me. I wish I could say the same for my fellow colleague Nick Eley. Nick posted a 6-8 record on his first attempt at predicting games. So far, Delonte Wooten has posted the best record out of all my guest writers.

Delonte Wooten: 10-4 (week 5)

Nick Eley: 6-8 (week 6)

Justin Long: 6-10 (week 3)

Look out for more guest writers predictions, or a return appearance from either of the three.

Time for the good stuff…

Yes! It’s time for the 2nd edition of, drum roll please…



I have been hard on the Falcons this season, and that’s putting it lightly. I know it’s the regular season, but still won’t be completely sold until this team shows up in the playoffs. However, I can’t help but to succumb to the resilient birds. Game after game they find a way to win by scratching and clawing until the final second. Even after Matt Ryan’s 3 INT performance, the Falcons still managed to pull through by banking on the leg of kicker Matt Bryant’s 55-yard game winning field goal. Now the only unbeaten team in the NFL, how long will they run the table?

Atlanta Falcons: 1 thumb up

Mr. ‘Rodgers’ Neighborhood

Ah yes, this is light show that we’re accustomed to seeing. Aaron Rodgers is fresh off a 6 TD, aerial clinic against the previously unbeaten Texans.  He is heating up right on schedule as we approach the middle of the NFL season. In a span of 3 games, he has thrown a total of 13 TD passes; a far cry from only throwing 3 in his first three games of the season.

Aaron Rodgers: 2 thumbs up

Don’t call it a comeback

Over his illustrious career, Peyton Manning has done this to many teams, time and time again. The Broncos stunned their division rivals as Peyton Manning reeled off 35 unanswered points in the second half. It tied for the fourth-biggest regular-season comeback in NFL history. Nice to have you back Peyton.

Peyton Manning: 3 thumbs up 


The Brady Quinn bandwagon

Last week, the raucous Kansas City Chiefs fans cheered, as quarterback Matt Cassel was injured during a play. That hideous display of fan support was the fans crying for quarterback Brady Quinn. You reap what you sew. Quinn went 20-38 for only 180 yards 0 TD and 2 INTs. He made no case to cement himself as the starting QB.

Brady Quinn and the Chiefs’ fans: 1 thumb down

Down the ‘Rivers

I’d hate to be on the end of one Peyton Manning’s comebacks. How did the San Diego Chargers manage to let that happen after cruising to 24 to nothing lead at halftime? Did they take their foot off the pedal? Maybe it was Philip Rivers’ 5 second half turnovers. Yep, it was definitely the 5 second half turnovers. And of course a little magic from Manning.

Phillip Rivers: 2 thumbs down

San Diego Chargers’ quarterback Philip Rivers holds his head down after a historic loss against the Denver Broncos.

Pointing feathers

Something had to be done after Philadelphia Eagles star CB Nnamdi Asomugha called out recently fired defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.

“As a player, when things go so well for three quarters, is there a sense of wanting to make the other team prove that they can beat what you’re doing before you start trying to change things up?

He was referring to Castillo’s strategy of blitzing in the second half. In the first 3 quarters, Lions WR Calvin Johnson was held to one reception for 28 yards. In the 4th quarter alone, he had 5 rec for 107 yds.  Detroit rallied from 10 points down in the 4th quarter to defeat the Eagles in overtime. Not to mention another turnover plagued game by Michael Vick. (2 INT; 1 fumble)

Philadelphia Eagles: 3 thumbs down


Thanks for reading.

-Kelton Brooks

BREAKING NEWS: Tuesday, Oct. 16, I have a special guest joining me on the second edition of my on-air podcast through

Ole Miss starting quarterback Bo Wallace.

Time TBA

Again, I want to thank the guest who chimed in on the BrooksWeekly podcast, and those who tuned in to listen.

Moving on…

Congrats to Delonte Wooten for posting an above .500 record on his predictions. We finished with identical records of 10-4.

Another colleague of mine joins the realm of predictions, senior broadcast journalism major Nick Eley.

Eley was one my guest on my first podcast. I assure you, you will hear many more debates between Eley and I.

Now for the predictions:


Steelers vs Titans Steelers
Raiders vs Falcons Falcons
Bengals vs Brown Bengals
Rams vs Dolphins Dolphins
Colts vs Jets Colts
Lions vs Eagles Eagles
Chiefs vs Buccaneers Buccaneers
Cowboys vs Ravens Ravens
Bills vs Cardinals Bills
Patriots vs Seahawks Patriots
Giants vs 49ers Giants
Vikings vs Redskins Vikings
Packers vs Texans Texans
Broncos vs Chargers Broncos


Green Bay Packers (2-3) vs. Houston Texans (5-0)

I just cannot fathom the Packers having a 2-4 record. Defenses are bringing crime to Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood. Aaron Rodgers has been sacked a total of 21 times through 5 games. Now they face the NFL’s sack leader in J.J. Watt. The Texans are on a roll and I don’t see them losing in the foreseen future. The Colts refused to lose in their victory over Green Bay, the Packers were up against more than Indy in that one. A-Rod has to will his team against arguably the NFL’s best ball club.


Baltimore Ravens (4-1) vs. Dallas Cowboys (2-2)

The Cowboys are by no means a lousy team, but the Ravens tend to play down to lesser competition. (9-6 victory over the Chiefs) Baltimore will rise to the occasion as they face a talented Cowboys team. Tony Romo has to rebound from all the hand-offs to the Bears defensive backs. The Ravens may not display the defense of old, but grimy veterans Ed Reed and Ray Lewis are still among the NFL’s elite.


Indianapolis Colts (2-2) vs. New York Jets (2-3)

It’s funny calling this an upset pick when neither team is over .500

I commend Rex Ryan for backing quarterback Mark Sanchez, but at what cost? Perhaps a lost to the Colts will loosen his stance. Even though the Green Bay Packers are not playing well to their standards, they are still leaps and bounds better than the Jets. After that aspiring, comeback win against the Packers, I look for the Colts to continue to grind it out for head coach Chuck Pagano. #CHUCKSTRONG

Nick’s Predictions:

Steelers vs Titans Steelers
Raiders vs Falcons Falcons
Bengals vs Brown Bengals
Rams vs Dolphins Rams
Colts vs Jets Jets
Lions vs Eagles Eagles
Chiefs vs Buccaneers Chiefs
Cowboys vs Ravens Ravens
Bills vs Cardinals Cardinals
Patriots vs Seahawks Seahawks
Giants vs 49ers 49ers
Vikings vs Redskins Redskins
Packers vs Texans Texans
Broncos vs Chargers Broncos
49ers.  Yes, the 49ers, who were and still are my Super Bowl pick for the NFC, are my indecisive pick.  Not because of them, but because I never know which New York Giants team I’m going to get, particularly on offense.  If the Giants offense has healthy receivers, and they can get going early, I think Eli can get a couple of shots down field and make some plays.


Atlanta Falcons.  Although the Raiders are gifted with alot of speed on offense, this game could get really ugly, really fast.


Seattle Seahawks.  The Patriots are the favorites going into this game, but I see a big game out of Seattle’s defense, particularly from Pro Bowl safety Earl Thomas and Mississippi State alumni KJ Wright, who will have their hands full covering the Patriots tight ends.

Be sure to tune in to my podcast.


Thanks for reading.

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The topic will consist of Sunday’s games and I will ask the audience to pick the Monday Night Football winner and why.

Tune in.

Moving  right along…

This week’s predictions will include another colleague of mine, junior criminal justice major at the University of the District of Columbia, Delonte Wooten. Whenever Delonte isn’t ridding the streets of Gotham City villains, he’s making a case for his Chicago Bears. (Did you catch the ‘criminal justice’ theme?) Follow him on Twitter @WootBoogie


Cardinals vs. Rams Rams
Dolphins vs. Bengals Cincinnati
Packers vs. Colts Packers
Ravens vs. Chiefs Ravens
Browns vs. Giants Giants
Eagles vs. Steelers Steelers
Falcons vs. Redskins Falcons
Seahawks vs. Panthers Panthers
Bears vs. Jaguars Bears
Titans vs. Vikings Vikings
Broncos vs. Patriots Broncos
Bills vs. 49ers 49ers
Chargers vs. Saints Saints
Texans vs. Jets Texans


Denver Broncos (2-2) vs. New England (2-2)

The Clash of the Titans. As these two future hall-of-fame quarterbacks cross paths once more, the inevitable question returns, Peyton Manning, or Tom Brady?


New York Giants (2-2) vs. Cleveland Browns (0-4)

C’mon Eli, don’t do it to me. This obvious pick of mine is becoming a death sentence for teams. On paper, I repeat, on paper, the Giants should win in a landslide .


San Diego Chargers (3-1) vs. New Orleans Saints (0-4)

The free fall stops here. I just cannot imagine Drew Brees letting this winless streak go any further. With Sean Payton in attendance, and a match-up against his former team, Brees will lead his team to an emotional win.


Cardinals vs. Rams Cardinals
Dolphins vs. Bengals Cincinnati
Packers vs. Colts Packers
Ravens vs. Chiefs Ravens
Browns vs. Giants Giants
Eagles vs. Steelers Eagles
Falcons vs. Redskins Falcons
Seahawks vs. Panthers Seattle
Bears vs. Jaguars Bears
Titans vs. Vikings Vikings
Broncos vs. Patriots Patriots
Bills vs. 49ers 49ers
Chargers vs. Saints Saints
Texans vs. Jets Texans

Delonte’s Game Notes:

Miami Dolphins (1-3) vs. Cincinnati Bengals (3-1)

Can Tannehill and Hartline keep that consistency going? We shall see. On the other hand, the Bengals are a sneaky 3-1. Look forward to see Andy Dalton and AJ Green green connect on a touchdown or two.

Baltimore Ravens (3-1) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (1-3)

Will Haloti Ngata be able to stuff the run, or will Jamaal Charles obliterate Baltimore’s front seven? Look forward to an interesting game here

Buffalo Bills (2-2) vs. San Fransisco 49ers (3-1)

Can a plagued Buffalo offense go into San Francisco and leave a winner? HECK NO! San Francisco will lay the hammer down and constantly get sacks and force turnovers to make sure this one is a blowout.

Friendly reminder: Call in and become a guest on my on-air broadcast Monday Oct. 8 to chime in on various sports topics. The guest call in number is (347) 826-9114


Thanks for reading.

After a more in-depth approach to my weekly picks, I improved to a 12-4 record after posting a subpar 8-8 last week. So far, my overall record is 40-24. Not too shabby huh?

Moving along…

The phrase expect the unexpected is the theme of this year’s NFL season. The Arizona Cardinals are undefeated and the Drew Brees led Saints couldn’t buy a win, even if it was on layaway.

Quarterbacks such as Christian Ponder, Andy Dalton, Kevin Kolb and Matt Schaub, have an overall better record than the likes of the usual suspects; Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Eli Manning. (14-2 to 8-12 respectively)

And the ONLY reason why Rex Ryan and the Jets haven’t given up on Mark Sanchez is because of pride. It’s evidently not money because they signed Sanchez or San-chise as they like to call him, to an extension in the off-season.

Ryan is beating that same drum over and over and over again, “Sanchez is our quarterback.”

It was the defense and a sound running game that led them to two back-to-back AFC championships, not the GQ model Sanchez.

Trust me, I have more on Sanchez later.

As I resume…

While we strap ourselves down to this roller coaster ride of a season, let’s look at who’s making some noise and who’s barely creating a whisper:


Houston Texans (4-0)

With the franchise’s first 4-0 start in team history, no team is hotter than the Houston Texans right now, period. Quarterback Matt Schaub is the NFL’s 3rd leader in passer rating with 105.3, and they have the NFL’s sack leader. (J.J. Watt-7.5) Only a quarter through the season, you can start to hear chatter of this team going undefeated.

San Diego Chargers (3-1)

Every year someone always pick the Chargers to represent the AFC in the Superbowl, only to have them inexplicably to spiral into a freefall and miss the playoffs. Perhaps this season may be different, or perhaps this talented-rich team is teasing us once more.

Atlanta Falcons (4-0)

Ahh yes, another undefeated. The Falcons have won shootouts, clawed their way back from the brink of defeat, and just flat out steamrolled their opponent. On the offensive side of the ball,  it’s pick your poison with Michael Turner out the backfield, and Roddy White and Julio Jones on the outside; not to mention future hall of fame tight end Tony Gonzales. However, my final judgement will depend on how they do in the playoffs.


Tony Romo 

Is it me, or have we heard this story before? Botched snaps, late fumbles and costly interceptions? Let me know when you have read something new about Romo. This guy is an accident waiting to happen. With 5 INTs thrown, and 2 returned for touchdowns in the Monday Night drumming by the Chicago Bears, Tony “Uh-Oh” was up to his old tricks.

Mark Sanchez

49.2 completion percentage, 813 yards, 5 TDS, 4INTs, and a 69.6 passer rating… can you hear the chants? Tebow… Tebow… Tebow… Oh yeah, their next game is against arguably the best team in the NFL, the Houston Texans. Someone should warm up the bench for Sanchez.

Tied for last; New Orleans Saints (0-4) and the Cleveland Browns (0-4)

Never thought i’d see the day when the Saints and Browns would be mentioned in the same sentence. The Saints are snake-bitten this season. For those who believe in karma, this disappointing start to the season would lead you to believe Bounty Gate was true. I truly believe the absence of Head coach Sean Payton illustrates how coaching is undervalued. The NFL has granted him to attend the games, but of course not to coach. Maybe his presence will ignite a flame in his team.

Browns’ fans, Kyrie Irving is recovering well from his broken hand. Oh, I’m sorry, wrong sport. With a 28-year-old rookie quarterback, Brandon Weeden better start winning now; and fast. Once Trent Richardson is 100 percent, they can lean on him more, which will take a load off of Weeden.

That is all. Thank you.

Thursday Night Football; Rams over Cardinals 21-18

Week 5 NFL Predictions tomorrow

*In other news*

According to an ESPN article,

The NBA will penalize floppers this season, fining players for repeated violations of an act a league official said has “no place in our game.”

Those exaggerated falls to the floor might fool the referees and fans during the game, but officials at league headquarters plan to take a look for themselves afterward.

Players will get a warning the first time, then be fined $5,000 for a second violation. The fines increase to $10,000 for a third offense, $15,000 for a fourth and $30,000 for the fifth. Six or more could lead to a suspension.

Clippers point guard Chris Paul flopping from a slight bump by Heat guard Dwayne Wade. Can you determine the call?

You have to be kidding me with this?

If I’m not mistaken, which I’m not, isn’t it the refs jobs to determine the deception by players? Most flops stick out like a sore thumb; you can easily tell when a player fakes flying 10 feet backwards by the flick of fingernail over an actual incidental elbow to the face.

Flopping as been around forever. (see Vlade Divac) In my eyes, flopping is pure gamesmanship. Players are not gaining a competitive advantage, they are trying to win by any means necessary. The goal is to get the refs to call foul on the offensive player. In a sports you compete, compete means to strive to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others who are trying to do the same.

So the NBA is going to fine players because they want to win?