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*Slow hand clap* Congratulations to the NFL for ridding the league of those one-eyed refs. I could have sworn I saw one of the refs officiating a LFL game. (Lingerie Football League) . Don’t believe me? Tune in to Spike TV. I’m so serious.


Here are my week 4 predictions:

Ravens vs. Browns Ravens
Panthers vs. Falcons Falcons
Patriots vs. Bills Bills
Lions vs. Vikings Lions
Chargers vs. Chiefs Chargers
Seahawks vs. Rams Seahawks
49ers vs. Jets 49ers
Titans vs. Texans Texans
Raiders vs. Broncos Broncos
Dolphins vs. Cardinals Cardinals
Bengals vs. Jaguars Bengals
Saints vs. Packers Packers
Redskins vs. Buccaneers Buccaneers
Eagles vs. Giants Giants


Carolina Panthers (1-2) vs. Atlanta Falcons (3-0)

The Falcons are making a believer out of me. I had my doubts about Matt Ryan because of his dismal playoffs performances. In last year’s 24-2 lost to the eventual Superbowl Champion Giants, I gave up on Matt Ryan. But this year,  the “quadruplets” Matt Ryan, Roddy White, Julio Jones and the grizzly vet, Tony Gonzales are giving teams all they can handle. It’s hard to believe that Cam Newton will let his team lose back-to-back games, but the sophomore slump is beginning to take effect. After Steve Smith lit into Cam as he sulked on the sideline, I expect a heroic performance. Perhaps the Panthers can pull this one out is he explodes, however, it still may not be enough. (Notice the indecisiveness?)

Bears (2-1) vs. Cowboys (2-1)

Da Bears. Chris Berman cracks me up with that. The Bears’ defense looked unstoppable as they tore through the St. Louis Rams’ makeshift O-line. But you have to think, was that performance justified? However, Chicago looked way more impressive in their win than the Cowboys. Dallas squeaked passed a tough Buccaneers team, but one thing is for sure, the Cowboys defense is the real deal. Dallas WR Dez Bryant has to become more consistent and a vocal point in the offense. Is it me, or are the Cowboys an accident waiting to happen? This game is vastly underrated.


Browns (0-3) vs. Ravens (2-1)

This prediction is becoming a jinx. Look back at my other obvious pick selections and you’ll see why. Cleveland has the 26th ranked offense and the 25th ranked defense; not only can they not score, but they can’t stop teams from scoring either. On paper, the Ravens should easily win by double digits. The only way the Ravens will lose is IF they have an emotional let down due to that roller-coaster of a game against the Patriots. The Ravens are far too superior to lose this game.


Patriots (1-2) vs. Bills (2-1)

So far I am 2-1 on my upset picks. I’m going big on this one. The Patriots do not lose back-to-back games, but they don’t look like their normal dominant selves. Is Gronk’ playing? Is he in witness protection? When this same question was asked about Wes Welker, he quieted his critics with an 8 rec 142 yds game. Maybe Rob Gronkowski will do the same this week, but that remains to be seen. Remember when the Buffalo Bills shocked the Patriots last year and intercepted Tom Brady 4 times?  I believe they will send a message to the division to let them know they are contenders. IF C.J. Spiller is healthy, the Bills have a legitimate shot to win.

Two for the show

Saints (0-3) vs. Packers (1-2)

I would hate to be the Saints right now. With the NFL’s 32nd ranked defense (LAST), Aaron Rodgers is tucking in his bib. Drew Brees and the Saints will have his team fired up for this one, but this game may be over by halftime. Green Bay is still licking their chops after being robbed of a victory in the now famous “Touch-erception game” 

49ers (2-1) vs. Jets (2-1)

In Tebow I trust. But he can’t win if he’s out there running routes. Game after game Mark Sanchez is proving he is not the answer at quarterback. It’s only a matter of time until we start to hear the “Tebow” chants. Likewise for Alex Smith of San Francisco. He is a game manager, period. He can not will his team from a deep deficit. He couldn’t conduct a game winning drive against the Minnesota Vikings. Really? This game will come down to the best defense, and with Darrelle Revis out for the season, San Fran’s D has gained a significant advantage.

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According to an article by Chris Mortensen, ESPN NFL Reporter, ”

The NFL and the NFL Referees Association made enough progress in negotiations Tuesday night that the possibility of the locked-out officials returning in time to work this week’s games has been discussed, according to sources on both sides.

An agreement in principle is at hand, according to one source familiar to talks, although NFL owners have postured with a “no more compromise” stance.

One source says the difference between the NFL and the referees “is about $2,” while another source described the talks as “the league wants double sausage and the referees want soy-free cheese.”

I literally laughed out laughed at the food metaphor, but with that said, it is about time. There was a barrage of blown calls in the Seahawks/Packers Monday night game. That one exasperating moment as both band-aid refs sprinted towards the corner of the end zone on, wrestling with Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks to uncover the truth of who came down with that 24-yard prayer from Russell Wilson. As all the bodies were removed fron the scruffle, the refs glared at each other for 1.57 seconds and said:




“Who came down with that rebound?”

Say what?

That blunder caused an eruption of criticism from fans, players, coaches, owners and anyone else who witnessed that atrocious officiating. And lets just say the world of social media had their fun with the refs’ ruling:

Parody of the questionable officiating by the NFL replacement refs

Let me say this, as bad as these refs are, they are only human.

The human element always adds drama to every sport. Why do you think  Major League Baseball won’t commit to a full scale instant replay system, or why the NBA won’t add replay to customary calls such as traveling, double-dribbling or etc.?  Because all humans make mistakes and it will slow down the flow of the game.

Why would you want to question every call made by the officials? It is there job to enforce any judgment on the court, or on the field of play. By no means will the original referees be perfect, not at all. This not the first time we have experienced horrible officiating.

Remember in 2010 season when Detroit Lions’ superstar wideout Calvin Johnson, hauled in a 25-yard touchdown reception only to have it reversed by an obscure rule?

I personally think this call was 10 times worse than the call on Monday night. How was that not a touchdown? Every body part from chest down touched the end zone with complete control of the football.

This call was made by the now NFL saviors, the original referees.

I’m sure everyone will be ecstatic when the NFL and the NFLRA finally reach an agreement.

But when the honeymoon is all over, the fans, players and owners will remember that no one is perfect and we will again here the cries of of terrible officiating. It’s no question that the NFL will be in better hands with the regular referees, but don’t for a second think all the problems will be solved. We will once complain about the regular refs too.

Be careful what you ask for.

*Back to the game*

Slipping again in my predictions, I finished with an 8-8 record, and my colleague Justin Long (@ItsFlyyingJ) , finished with a disappointing 6-10 record.

“Not so fast my friend” (in the famous voice of Lee Corso)

Three games in, I am 28-20 with my predictions, lets take a look back at notable story lines:


The Saints schedule won’t get any easier as they face a raging Packers team who were handed the short end of the stick in Monday night’s debacle. Maybe Drew Brees will light a fire into his team by the way they blew the lead against the Chiefs, but I don’t think any team in the NFL wants to play the Packers this week. New Orleans better hope they put on an offensive clinic, because with the NFL’s last ranked defense, they better pray Aaron Rodgers doesn’t throw for 500 plus.

Drew Brees must rally his team to victory as they walk into a buzz saw against Green Bay










First off, my heart goes out to Torrey Smith, with 6 rec 127 yds and 2tds, that was a admirable performance in the wake of his brother’s death.

This was another game with disputable officiating. Was that field goal good? I initially thought it was no good, but again the refs thought otherwise. Patriots’ coach Bill Belicheck was fined $50,000 for grabbing the official’s arm after the game.  The Ravens face the Browns this week, they will fall into the jinx of my obvious pick. New England will look to avoid back-to-back loses as they face an ailing Bills’ team.

Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith grieving the lost of his brother as he honors him with the game ball










The real Birds of Prey

Surprise, surprise, the Arizona Cardinals are 3-0. And to think, I picked them to finish last in the NFC West. Kevin Kolb is somewhat similar to Alex Smith of the 49ers, a game manager with a fearsome defense to reel him out of jams; although, Kolb is more of a pure passer. Arizona’s defense tormented Michael Vick all game long resulting in 2 forced fumbles and 5 sacks. It’s hard not to believe in the Cardinals after defeating a talented Eagles team, but I still have my doubts. Filet or bologna?

Arizona Cardinals Kerry Rhodes sacks and causes a fumble against the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick











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Not only am I releasing my game picks a day early, but this week’s picks will also introduce predictions from  Justin Long, junior nursing major at the University of Mississippi. His sports savvy made me want to include other voices as well as his own. Whenever he’s not debating sports, he’s saving lives and leaping tall buildings. Follow him on Twitter: @ItsFlyyingJ

I will compare the results of our predictions in my week 3 recap. May the best man win. (Note: I’m pointing at myself if you are curious)

My Pick’s:

Giants vs. Panthers Giants
Rams vs. Bears Bears
Bills vs. Browns Bills
Chiefs vs. Saints Chiefs
Buccaneers vs. Cowboys Bucs’
Lions vs. Titans Lions
Jaguars vs. Colts Colts
Jets vs. Dolphins Jets
49ers vs. Vikings 49ers
Bengals vs. Redskins Bengals
Eagles vs. Cardinals Eagles
Falcons vs. Chargers Falcons
Steelers vs. Raiders Steelers
Texans vs. Broncos Broncos
Patriots vs. Ravens Ravens
Packers vs. Seahawks Packers


Texans (2-0) vs. Broncos (1-1)

I have a hard time picking against number 18. Peyton Manning has always had one of those head scratchers’ of a game. Even after his early 3 INTs, he nearly mounted a “Peyton-ess” comeback. It’s what he always does. Bounce back game for Manning.


Chiefs (0-2) vs. Saints (0-2)

I know, I know. How is this an upset pick when both teams are win-less? As I said, the Saints are forcing the issue in a negative way. Drew Brees is the team’s quarterback, running back, wide receiver, long snapper, and punter. Ok, not really, but you get the point. He is everything for the Saints organization, I think his mind is elsewhere.


49ers (2-0) vs. Vikings (1-1)

In week 1, my obvious pick was the Eagles over the Browns, and the Eagles barely won as they squeaked passed the hapless Browns. In week 2, my obvious pick was the Patriots over the Cardinals. Well, obviously I don’t know what I’m talking about because the Cardinals stunned the mighty Patriots in a narrow, 20-18 victory. Although, this is the NFL, anything can happen. San Fran looks unstoppable on both sides of the ball, maybe the Vikings will throw in the Tom Coughlin’s white towel.

Justin’s Picks:

Giants vs. Panthers Panthers
Rams vs. Bears Rams
Bills vs. Browns Bills
Chiefs vs. Saints Saints
Buccaneers vs. Cowboys Cowboys
Lions vs. Titans Lions
Jaguars vs. Colts Colts
Jets vs. Dolphins Dolphins
49ers vs. Vikings 49ers
Bengals vs. Redskins Redskins
Eagles vs. Cardinals Eagles
Falcons vs. Chargers Falcons
Steelers vs. Raiders Steelers
Texans vs. Broncos Texans
Patriots vs. Ravens Ravens
Packers vs. Seahawks Seahawks

Notable Games; Justin’s commentary

Buccaneers (1-1) vs. Cowboys (1-1)

I’m looking for the Cowboys to take this one, off the strength of Romo’s iffy passing at that. Look for Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, and even Kevin Ogletree to flourish Sunday.

Eagles (2-0) vs. Cardinals (2-0)

Although I’m still not sold on Vick’s “supremacy” after throwing 6 INTs in the first two games, look for Andy Reid to FINALLY lean on one of the best backs in the league in Lesean McCoy and pull out another win in Arizona.

Rams (1-1) vs. Bears (1-1)

I don’t know exactly why, but I like the Rams in this one. Pure 4th quarter fate has decided their last two games, and this one won’t be any different. Look for Amendola to be NEUTRALIZED after his 15 catch display vs. the Redskins

Chiefs (0-2) vs. Saints (0-2)

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The Saints, expected to be a powerhouse this year, have started out 0-2 and now this game, normally a chance for the starters to rest, has been deemed a must win for the security of the season. They need this win, and win they shall.

Packers (1-1) vs. Seahawks (1-1)

Seahawks hold the highest MNF win percentage, and I look for them to unexpectedly bolster that  with a win against the Packers. Also, I’m looking at THIS GAME to have the most controversial officiating call this season. I just have a feeling.

Thanks for reading.


Last week’s games featured a gluttony of surprises, and that’s putting it mildly. A monster performance by Eli Manning saved me from going .500 this week, but wins from rookie quarterbacks (Andrew Luck, Ryan Tannehill, and Russell Wilson) nearly foiled my genius. After going 11-5 on my week 1 predictions, I dropped to a respectable 9-7.  Let’s take a look back at  some of the top story lines:

“Bush” League

After his first 1,000 yard season, Reggie Bush vowed to lead the NFL in rushing this year. Recovering from last week’s trumping in Houston, the Dolphins rode the former USC Trojan as he gashed the Raiders’ defense. Bush is no longer just a receiver out the backfield, he has learned to run between the tackles, still possessing his explosive abilities in the open field. Look for Miami to continue to ride their Trojan high horse.

Reggie Bush torched the Raiders while rushing for 172 yds on 26 car. and 2 TDs










Green Bay “Sack”ers

When the Packers won the Superbowl in 2010, they had one of the leagues’ top defenses to match Aaron Rodger’s lethal passing attack. After finishing 30th in total defense last year, pro-bowlers Clay Matthews and Charles Woodson wanted no part of that swiss cheese defense again. They harassed Jay Cutler and tore through the Bears’ O-line for 7 sacks and 4 INTs. If Green Bay can establish a run game with Cedric Benson, with the emergence of the defense, the 49ers won’t run away in the NFC just yet.

Jay Cutler fails to avoid a sack as he’s upended by the Packers’ defenders











The Best “Man”ning

As the Manning brothers threw 3 early interceptions, only one was able to claw his way out of a deep hole. The 2-time Superbowl MVP threw for more yards in the 4th quarter than Josh Freeman had for the entire game. (297 to 243 respectively) Time and time again, Eli has shown resiliency to overcome tough obstacles. Baby brother has been out of Peyton’s shadow for quite a few years now. Eli finished with 510 yds passing and 3 TDs.

Eli Manning stands tall in the pocket as he locates a receiver down the field










Human after all

RGIII went the entire preseason and spectacular NFL debut without throwing an interception. Even though he still accounted for 3 scores, his offense was unable to muster enough points in the second half to withstand the Rams’ rally. The rookie phenom faces another stiff challenge as they battle Andy Dalton and the Bengals.

RGIII suffers his first loss of the season as he is sacked by Rams’ defensive end Robert Quinn











Big Red Machine

And to think, I had this game as my obvious pick. This is by far the shocker of the season. The Arizona defense reached Tom Brady relentlessly, you would have thought it was meeting scheduled in his backfield. As great as the Cardinals played, the Patriots still made a late push that resulted to nothing, as Stephen Gostkowski FG attempt shanked wide to the left.

New England quarterback Tom Brady is stunned by the loss to the Arizona Cardinals










‘Boys will be boys

The stress of being a Dallas Cowboy fan has to bring great grief to your life. Every year, on paper, the Cowboys are favorites to come out the NFC. And whenever the Cowboys lose, the sky has fallen. However, I did pick this game as my upset pick, so I’m not surprised of the loss. The Seahawks, for some reason, have the Cowboys’ number. After a dominating opener against the Giants, the ‘Boys in Big D took a huge step back. Say it ain’t so Romo, say it ain’t so.

Marshawn Lynch ran over, through and around the Cowboys’ defense as they cruised to a 27-7 victory











Thank you for reading.

Week 3 predictions coming tomorrow.

Week 2 NFL Predictions

Posted: September 15, 2012 in Brooks' Sports

I’m hoping for an encore performance with this week’s picks, here it goes:

Kansas City Chiefs (0-1) vs. Buffalo Bills (0-1)

Well, we know one of them will come out with a win in this one. Both teams look to rebound from a double-digit loss in their season opener. I’m still trying to figure out why Ryan Fitzpatrick is still a starting quarterback in the NFL. Look for Jamaal Charles to run wild.

Winner: Chiefs

Cleveland Browns (0-1) vs. Cincinnati Bengals (0-1)

Another battle of the winless. The debut of Brandon Weeden was (insert negative adjective). Facing another stingy defense, Weeden may put on another awful display. Andy Dalton and A.J. Green will get back on the same page

Winner: Bengals

Minnesota Vikings (1-0) vs. Indianapolis Colts (0-1)

The injury to Dwight Freeney is music to Christian Ponder’s ears. Did Adrian Peterson have surgery this offseason? I couldn’t tell by his 2 tds showing against a hungry Jacksonville team. The Colts’ organization are years away with this team. How “unLUCKy.”

Winner: Vikings

New Orleans Saints (0-1) vs. Carolina Panthers (0-1)

Wow, one of these NFC South juggernauts will start the season 0-2. Cam Newton is on a mission to break the curse of the sophomore slump, and the Saints are trying to right the ship from a hectic offseason to say the least. I honestly see the Saints trying to force the issue too much. Panthers in a close one.

Winner: Panthers

Houston Texans (1-0) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-1)

The Texans were one game away from the Superbowl last year, this team will trounce on mediocre competition. Blaine Gabbert showed promised compared to last years’ debacle.  Although, I see no chance against Houston’s defense; or them being able to keep up with their offense for that matter.

Winner: Texans

Oakland Raiders (0-1) vs. Miami Dolphins (0-1)

Carson Palmer vs. Ryan Tannehill. What else is on tv? I gave up on Palmer when he decided that he was too good for the Bengals. He only had ONE good season. Put Terrell Pryor in Coach Allen, notice the trend. The Dolphins’ rookie QB was drafted prematurely in the first round.

Winner: Raiders


New England Patriots (1-0) vs. Arizona Cardinals (0-1)

I can’t even make a case for the Cardinals. This is David vs. 3 Goliath. New England in a rout.

Winner: Patriots

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-0) vs. New York Giants (0-1)

This is the underrated game of the week. The Bucs’ defense held an explosive Panther’s offense to 10 points Sunday, but I don’t trust them to do the same against Eli and the G-men. Hopefully Victor Cruz found a cure for his brick hands that resulted in 3 drive stalling drops.

Winner: Giants

Baltimore Ravens (1-0) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (0-1)

After throwing 4 ints against the Browns, facing the Ravens’ defense is not what the doctor ordered. Some experts think Vick won’t even make it out the game. Not to mention it’s a chance that both of his starting WRs (DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin) won’t play.

Winner: Ravens

Washington Redskins (1-0) vs. St. Louis Rams (0-1)

Hall of Fame coach John Madden said RGIII is “the best player in the NFL…” No pressure kid.

Winner: Redskins


Dallas Cowboys (1-0) vs. Seattle Seahawks (0-1)

I picked Russell Wilson as the offensive rookie of the year, but apparently super-rookie RGIII has already won the award with one game. However, Wilson is the “little engine that could.”

Winner: Seahawks

New York Jets (1-0) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (0-1)

Picking against Tebow is so risky.  You know, I once heard he and Chuck Norris went to the same elementary school. However, this black and blue game is what the Steelers live for.

Winner: Steelers

Tennessee Titans vs. San Diego Chargers

I’m still in shock by Chris Johnson’s 11 carries, 4 yard effort, or lack there of.

Winner: Chargers


Detroit Lions vs. San Francisco

The revenge of the infamous handshake. A lot of fans are looking forward to the post-game bout between Jim Schwartz and Jim Harbaugh. Matthew Stafford threw 3 ints against and improved Rams defense, but now he faces an entire different beast in the 49ers.

Winner: 49ers


Denver Broncos vs. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are out to make a statement this year, and it starts Monday. The whipping they handed to the Chiefs was scary to say the least. Peyton Manning was equally as impressive from his year off. Manning is still arguably the best quarterback in the NFL. Lets see if he can still light up the scoreboard. Matchup to watch: Julio Jones vs. Champ Bailey

Winner: Broncos

“It’s time for the Perculator” 

First things first, posting an 11-5 record for my predictions on my first go ’round at this, wasn’t too bad if I do say so myself.

Now, let me introduce my newest segment, #ThumbsUpThumbsDown:


The Phenom

The debut of RGIII was nothing short of sensational. The Saints defense had no answer for the Heisman Trophy winner as he was poised in pocket like a season vet while delivering  darts to 8 different receivers. Heck, he could have thrown passes while sitting in the stands if he felt like it. RGIII: 19-26 320 yds 2 tds; 10 car. 42 yds.

Robert Griffin III: 1 thumb

Tebow who?

I hate to say it, but Mark Sanchez and the Jets’ offense silenced its critics as they took flight on the overrated Bills. Now I know that sounds like a back door compliment, but in that division, Buffalo isn’t going anywhere with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm. The emergence of rookie wideout Stephen Hill was also huge. Mark Sanchez: 19-27 266 yds 3 tds 1 int

Jets Offense: 2 thumbs up

Peyton is the Man-ning

This is arguably the best team Manning has ever been on, including his Superbowl winning team. Besides, who did he beat again? Rex the “Grossman?” I heard he was colorblind; he threw passes like it. Anywho, missing in action for over a year because of 2 neck surgeries, Manning was in rare form Monday night against the vaunted “Steel Curtain” defense.

Peyton Manning: 3 thumbs up



If you witnessed Vernon Davis failed dunk attempt… what’s understood doesn’t have to be explained.

But in case you missed it:





Vernon Davis: 1 thumb down

Avian Flu

Last year, the Philadelphia Eagles  crowned themselves the “dream team,” and this year a “dynasty.” Dynasty? You have to win a championship first right? Hold on, let me back up a little bit more, you need a winning record first right? (Last year they went 8-8) And to think, I picked this game as my Obvious Pick. The Eagles trailed the sad Browns until under the last 2 minutes of the game. C’mon dog. (No pun intended) 29-56 317 2 tds 4 ints; 7 car 32 yds

Michael Vick: 2 thumbs down

1 step forward, a whole lot of steps backwards

“One million, two million, three million… I’m ballin”

“”HUT!” said Titan’s QB Jake Locker

And once again Chris Johnson is tackled behind the line of scrimmage.

You have just read Johnson’s pre-snaps thoughts. He has to be thinking about the $53.5 million he screwed the Titans out of, because he’s not thinking about football. Two years removed from rushing over 2,000 yards, CJ2K  needs to repay every dollar each day. 11 car 4 yards 0 tds; 0.4 a carry

Chris Johnson: 3 thumbs down

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Week 1 Game Picks

Posted: September 9, 2012 in Brooks' Sports

Sunday football is back! So with that said, here are my week 1 predictions:

Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears: The Bears could possibly represent the NFC this year; how “unlucky” for the #1 overall pick. Winner: Bears 

OBVIOUS PICK: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Cleveland Browns: It is the NFL, anything can happen right? Well, not in this game. Philly runs away with this one. Winner: Eagles 

New England Patriots vs. Tennessee Titans: This game won’t be a walk in the park for NE, I’m high on Titans’ QB Jake Locker. However, NE has Tom Brady. Winner: Patriots

Atlanta Falcons vs. Kansas City Chiefs: Match-up to watch out for, Julio Jones against Eric Berry. Berry won’t directly guard him, but look for Falcons to try him in return from his season ending injury. Winner: Falcons

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Minnesota Vikings: Blaine Gabbert found a cure for his color-blindness this preseason; the name of the vaccine is Justin Blackmon. Look for them to connect early and often. Winner: Jaguars

Washington Redskins vs. New Orleans Saints: Another rookie QB bites the dust. Brees and company will look to make a statement in the wake of their troubled off-season. Winner: Saints

Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets: It’s hard to pick against baby Jesus, I mean Tebow, sorry about that; so I won’t. Winner: Jets 

UPSET SPECIAL: St. Louis Rams vs. Detroit Lions: Well, as you see, my pick is the Rams over the Lions. The hire of offensive Brian Schottenheimer will return Sam Bradford back to his stellar rookie form, along with a heavy dosage of Steven Jackson. However, Megatron scares the (explicit language) out of me. Winner: Rams 

Miami Dolphins vs. Houston Texans: 0-3 so far for rookie quarterbacks. A superbowl favorite Texans team will continue upon last year’s success. Winner: Texans

San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers: Easily a NFC Championship preview, but with an array of new acquisitions, San Fran and their vaunted defense will harass Aaron Rodgers all game long. Winner: 49ers

Seattle Seahawks vs Arizona Cardinals: As the saying goes, “When you have 2 quarterbacks, you don’t have 1.” The Cardinals may be in the running for the #1 pick this year. Russell Wilson picks up a win for the rookie QBs. Winner: Seahawks

UNDERRATED GAME: Carolina Panthers vs. Tamba Bay Buccaneers: This game has the potential to be the game of the week, but in Cam I trust. Winner: Panthers

SNF: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Denver Broncos: The Steelers defense is a great test for Peyton’s return, but he will deliver. Winner: Broncos

MNF: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore: They will split their games this year, however, I have the Ravens in this one. Winner: Ravens 

San Diego Chargers vs. Oakland Raiders: Until the NFL gives up on Carson Palmer, I don’t trust any team with him on their roster. Winner: Chargers

“It’s time for the Percolator”